Discussion in 'Juniors' started by The_0ne, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. I know during basic etc you have these regular but once in your regiment and having completed your part 1 and 2 basic does the frequency of these inspections drop a lot??

    Cheers :D
  2. Depends as some units are more into bullsh1t then others. I know in Para regt we have a Company inspection around every 20 years!
  3. Just for historical interest, the term "You've lost your shaggin name!" can be attributed to the routine of locker inspections;

    The quote is usually screamed at full volume directly into the face.

    Shortly after being spake, the shoutee's locker is dispatched through the nearest window by delegated room-mates. The shoutee's locker has their nametag in the appropriate slot on the door, hence the expression.

    The result is good teambuilding (asking room-mates to assist in retrieving the locker) and improved standards.

  4. I was told that at my phase 2 in Bovvy, you'll get them at the start, probably just to ensure you are not a filthy mong, then once you get made up to a 'mainstream' recruit (dunno, a week or 2?) you won't get them so much/at all, I'm not sure.

    I guess it all varies where you go, but it can't be as bad as phase 1, can it? Saying that, we don't really have them anymore in phase 1, we're too busy in these final weeks and haven't had a proper one in a good few weeks.
  5. i'm in week 8, we have an inspection once a week now

    or if someones locker is in sh1t state they;ll **** it up for the rest and go back to daily inspections like the 1st 6 weeks

    some days we were having 5 or 6 inspections ... even on weekends

    remember 1 sat night we had em up to about 11 oclock at night... its all preparin you for the OC inspection on pass off though.
  6. I'd think there would be a muntiny in the Engineers if there were lockers inspections at a working unit (less JNCO cadre time).
  7. Yeah the knockers would burn the camp down if someone asked to look inside their lockers.
    We had an inspection on the day of leave just to make sure fridges are off, all tellys etc are unplugged and that the blokes havent left any pets in their rooms for 4 weeks.
    Mind you 77 did as well but still managed to miss the fire hose that was left on over leave so their lads have been flooded out of the block.
  8. inspections NEVER only on st patrick's day parade once a year,room inspections 1 a month if you where unlucky, locker inspections NEVER.[padlocks]



  9. LMFAO :thumright:
  10. It all depends on what type of accom you ate living n as well. If you arre living in the new puma accom or z type then there can be an inspection every week. If you are with a bull shit regt.