Inspection Ladders

Just wondering if anyone has received an unexpected delivery of inspection ladders at their unit recently. The reason I ask is we seem have been issued ladders which would be more suitable in London Zoo Giraffe Enclosure than in an inspection department. Luckily we have been able to utilise them for a sponsored abseil. If there is any units that may have use for large ladders or if someone knows a vet who carries out dental work on giraffes give me a bell. :D
I believe its due to the new Artificer Lean Line theory of getting more vehicles into the workshop by upending them onto their rear bumpers. Obviously the switched on Tiffies realised that it would be hard for the Crafties to reach the cabs and engines so hence the import of Giraffe ladders. :wink:


you could always make giant snakes and ladders for the next mess games night! :D

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