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Inspection and Examination Times?

Greetings Guru's (hopefully),
Need to pick the brains of a couple of decent experienced ECE's, A Mechs and Armr's/ Gunfitters. If you were given the platforms listed below, how long would you need to carry out a thorough inspection and/ or Examination of Ordnance? Take it that you have never seen the platform presented to you before and the output standard has be A1. Also, pretend that the crew have fully prepped the bit of kit for insp/ Exam and the Docs are up to date...........

  1. Titan = Auto, ECE/ Elec, Armr
  2. Terror = As above
  3. Trojan = As above
  4. Bulldog +PWS = As above
  5. CRARRV = As above
  6. CR2+RWS= As above plus an Ex of Ord
  7. CR2 (No RWS)= As above, plus Ex of Ord
  8. AS90 = As above, plus Ex of Ord
Answers appreciated

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