Inspection Ammunition, Storage and safety Management Audit

Got an Inspection coming up, and just reading throught the prior sent out document, it states I have to have available, (6) Most recent MFP report and associated Log Sp Ancillary Inspection Report (Any Observations on Ammunition Storage and particulary FFE violations). Im not in the office or I would ring my designated ATO branch, can anyone shed some light on this ?
The Log Sp Ancil Inspection Report I would hazard a guess as the previous LSI report. Do you have access to ARMS?
As above, they are after your most recent LSI or LSTI (if tech unit) report.

Basically, the Ammo Inspecting Officer is not an expert on the Ammo Accounts (although does have a detailed understanding) they will rely on the BOWO comments on the ammo account.
Forgot to add,

The ATO should be friendly and helpful. He is there to aid and advise any willing unit to achieve a high standard of ammunition management.

I've had to deal with a few QMs who where twats of the highest order and one ended up getting an interview without coffee with the Bde Comdr to explain why his unit was no longer authorised to store live ammunition. A bad inspection failure can result in a sudden stop in someones career.

You don't have to start with "have some tea and biscuits and once you've finished please feel free to help yourself to my G10 / clothing store etc" but it does help :)
And if you still refuse to play the game FF will be around to blow your office up!
When did MFP reports come back in?
And if you still refuse to play the game FF will be around to blow your office up!
Oh happy days.
The look om the QM's face was priceless. Pity about the RQ, whos office it was, he was stitched up.

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