Insomnia, coffee etc

Glasgow has a new groovy sleep centre, and some of their findings are interesting. So-called "sleep hygiene" - coffee, light in the room etc is a very minor matter. You have to have realy bad habits to make the difference.

Key point -

"Sleep hygiene is a phrase which is commonly used with regards to the sleep environment but Prof Espie is not convinced of its relevance. “There are a very small proportion of people who have got insomnia because of excessive coffee drinking or bedrooms which are too bright but very seldom are these the causal or the contributory factors to the insomnia.

“When you compare sleep hygiene with CBT it doesn’t work – it is no better than a placebo. The caveat to that is that if there are people whose sleep hygiene is very, very bad it would work for them.” "

The real issues are different.

[I've often wondered whether sleep disorders are one of those things which you would expect to find in any social group, not because they particularly benefit the individual, but because they benefit the group. Think of the advantages for a group of apes if one poor basta*d can't avoid stagging on every night, or who wakes up if a gnat farts].
"That’s what good sleepers do, they don’t think twice about it.”
Well, that's because they're asleep, obviously.

I've wondered casually in the past if the intensity of modern life makes it difficult for people to switch their minds off when the time comes. After all, there's a stereotype of country folk (slower pace) being slower of thought and deed even if they're not actually thick.

Perhaps we all just need to chill a bit and forget about the bank holiday sales for once?
I think that everyone I know who sometimes has trouble sleeping also bears up well if forced into lack of sleep. The people who never have any problems sleeping also seem to be the ones who get cabbaged quickly. If I am forced to spend enough time awake I become angry and unable to sleep, which has to be some kind of adaptation. [Do gnus sleep when migrating, or do they just go for it?]
carlbcfc said:
I struggle to get to sleep even after a killer day. I also constantly wake up in the night.
Me too - and it seems to be a habit; once you start doing it it gets worse. I also think that hard phys means that you are constantly being woken by pain. I did weights Saturday and Sunday, and last night I was awake constantly with the pain, which means your kidneys don't shut down, which means you have to get up for a pish....
I love the way that if you blink, the jargon's moved on. All those things now listed as CBT were just "tips for a good night's sleep", and none of them are new.

Seem to have missed out the most effective one though...
Ahhh the night p!ss. :D

I feel like I could crawl up in a cold shop doorway in the middle of town with a big quilt and go to sleep, just not the bloody bed.

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