Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 105AVRE, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. I'm trying to find a perfect boot/insole combination...have just tried a pair of Brasher's in my Lowa's and i ended up with a few hot spots and sweaty,stinky feet.........i'm not interested in sorbothanes as my knees and shins are still've heard on here of lambswool insoles being quite good......i wear my boots for hiking/hill walking....can anyone recommend the dog's doo daas????
  2. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, as the saying goes mate!
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    Must be looking forward to a War Pension.
  4. Wear no Insoles at all or "Cheese Graters" then when your knees are creaking you will relish paying for sorbothane.

    On a more serious note I found some leather topped insoles at cotswolds a couple of years ago, they have a leather top surface and the foam stuff underneath. No good if wet but dont smell or sweat as much.

    Felt insoles are ok , they come with Lundhag boots and they sell them as extras however they may keep your feet warmer but have no impact cushion/instep arch.
  5. If your boots are big enough, sorbathane insoles underneath a pair of running shoe insoles (Nike, Mizuno etc) Gives you the comfort and holds the proper shape when in boots for long periods.

    Hots spots arent' generally caused by insoles (unless wearing the 'cheese graters') so taping your feet up for any type of phys or hill bashing is essential.
  6. I swear by addidas trainer insoles, junk the normal cack and lob a set of them in, job done.........
  7. Why would it be essential to tape your feet up? Much better to let the skin harden and be done away with blisters in the long run or wear double lined socks.
  8. sorbothane, are very good. and available from the med centre if you make enough fuss
  9. Thanx for all the replies....not looking at a war my full wack is up at the end of the year :lol: ...just looking for some really comfortable insoles which will do the business...on reading the replies i might try out a pair of sorbothanes to see if they work for my feet,so many thanx again :wink:
  10. better than sorbothane...

    35 smackers but effectively a custom fit once warmed in oven first. outstanding. never felt comfort like it. and you can get a trainers version as well as boots.

    a little birdie in the med centre told me they were getting these in for 15 each, as they are cheaper than hitec/sorbothane combo. you put sole in to ordinary issue boot and you can tab for miles!

    just allow for hotspots for first few days till your feet get used to the new pressure points...after that OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD.
  11. superfeet insoles are f ucking brilliant!

  12. Plus, on the blisters front, issue desert socks with 'CoolMax liner' socks - from any good out-doors place, smashing combo, blister free.....
  13. With Lowas, no insoles at all. I've got sorbathanes for my issue boots. Tried them in lowas and had hotspots within 300m.