Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Haribo, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. I'm having trouble with my feet on CFTs i do the usual powder and tape prep before i train but i'm stilll getting blisters on the bottom of my feet, so i wonder if this could be caused by my insoles of my boots?

    so i wondered if someone could please recomend any good insoles to try?
  2. Sorbothane full bed shock stoppers with coolmax socks from Millets
  3. Interceptor - Thanks for that i may try that for my tea tonight :p

    Cheers Polar69 i shall check them out :D
  4. I like the free Sorbathanes that come with an NSN straight from the QM dept!

    Obviously I would love to post the full NSN and add that the items are "C" class - but I won't.
  5. I use to get problems with my left achilles whilst running long distances, seeing a physio sorted me out. I was put on a running machine where a camera monitored the way I was running, turned out I was running on the outside of my left foot too much. Physio helped mould some specialist insoles, and no more problems. Every year I get new ones shaped.

    Morale of the story? Get to a physio. Because you're serving you can go to your MO and request to see a Physio, saving you about £30-£40.

    As for tabbing, I never use tape, I use my Iraq issued desert socks (they're really thick and resist friction, available through most QM's), also, make sure your boots are broken in properly, wear them in the bath, walk around in them, dry them out for 24 hours and bobs your uncle, should be good.

    Defo see a physio thou, even if you have to pay for it, money well invested!
  6. Polar69 sorry do you mean the coolmax liner or the socks on there own without a thin second pair?

    Sarge boots all broken in, just seem to get blisters still and its only on my right foot mainly which is really annoying, i'll look into physio though
  7. Do it, and let me know how you get on with the Gucci socks, I've always been aprehensive about them ever since I tried out some '1000 mile socks' back in the early days - couldn't walk for a week ater a CFT!
  8. The socks I use are blue with a grey sole and say "coolmax" across the toe box, I believe they are a coolmax merino mix.
  9. First off, sorbathane insoles are poop, they are an industrial damping compound that "feels" nice and soft, but offers little actual benefit. Go for either "superfeet" insoles, or "conformables" - personally I like conformales as you can get them molded to your own feet for less then 40 squids.
  10. Wearing a thin pair of liner socks under a thicker pair helps reduce the friction between your foot and the boot by absorbing some of it. So the socks wear through rather than your skin.

    You can also carry more thinner pairs and fewer thicker pairs so you can change socks more regularly in the field.

    Also, try loosening/tightening your right boot as appropiate or possibly getting your feet measured. You might find that you have one foot larger than the other. In this case whilst the boots may have a snug fit on your left foot, you right foot may move too much/too little and hence cause blisters.

    A good running shops will measure your gait and feet properely. Altberg will measure your feet and if necessary make boots specifically for you. They're good boots too
  11. cheers for the replies guys going to go get me some coolmax socks, also try the liners under issue socks and get some new insoles......i may not have any feet left after trying all this and end up with even more blisters but hey ho need to try it all :lol: