Insoles to Prevent Heel Pain

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by biffins-bridge, May 14, 2011.

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  1. After noticing my growing girth I decided to start doing a bit of phys and have been on a few runs. The problem is I'm suffering from intense pain in my right heel which at the moment is pretty bad.

    I've never had a problem before, even 'back in the day' when running in white daps, boots and cheapo NAAFI trainers. Consequently I've never bought any gucci running trainers but just ran in what I had.

    Lots of info on google about insolses etc but any suggestions on what trainers and/or insolses and in particulary how to find the ones that would suit my feet would be welcome from anyone who has suffered the same problem.
  2. You probably have Plantar Fasciitis. Ideally you need motion control training shoes and orthotic insoles may well help. Doing too much too soon especially if running on hard surfaces and being overweight doesn't help. A trip to the physio may also be worthwhile though if you're paying for it out of your own pocket I'd research online for how to combat the condition first (unless you're loaded).
  3. If you want something to purely absorb the shock, then Sorbothane make padded inserts. There are a couple of types depending on how you run, and the best thing to do is go to a proper shop with decent staff. This of course means shelling out £60+ for trainers, but it's worth it to avoid damage. Try Start Fitness, they gave me a good deal when I bought insoles and trainers together. They looked at how I ran and offered shoes that prevented my feet from rolling inwards when I put pressure on them (pronation). There's a thread on here somewhere about this as well, not sure of the title though.
  4. Sorbothane insoles will not really work if it's your gait that needs fixing, unless they do orthotic sorbothane insoles. Wouldn't hurt to try them though I suppose. As CD says; a good running shop can help you out with the type of trainers you require.
  5. FSJ,
    ******* hell, too much, too sooon and overweight, have you been stalking me!!

    as for being loaded, no I'm not but I don't mind shelling out to sort this as it is pretty bloody painful.

    will look at start fitness. By the looks of it i'm going to have to go to a decent specialist shop where they can look at my running style.

    Thanks again.
  6. Can you look at your diet and do some excercise that's of lower impact. Get some weight off first or you may regret it later.
  7. Wow, about 2 years ago whenever I got out of bed my heels hurt like **** when walking about. Then it was when I was walking about during the day, but it was on and off, it would generally last a week or so. When I did running I could run a couple of miles and it got painful. Now its not so bad, but I did wonder what it was all about and googling and talking to others produced nothing and didn't really have time to go to the docs and I just figured it was one of those things. Never thought the answer could be here. Thanks Falls.
  8. Another thing remember you might already have a lot of wear and tear. Look at what footwear you use on a daily basis as this will also be a big factor.
  9. Cheers, never really thought about everyday shoe wear, I will see what is recommended when I go to look at getting fitted for some trainers that suit my gait. As for lower impact, I think I'll have to do a bit of low impact training for a bit as I won't be able to run with this heel pain at the moment.
  10. Swimming's a good one, although you've probably heard that before. Could also try cycling, road over MTB though. Fallschi, you're right about the Sorbothane, although they do make "Half-Strike" insoles which have different padding to prevent pronation. They're not customised to people's feet though like some which you can heat and then stand on.

    Just had a look at Start Fitness, only based in Newcastle and Durham! Didn't realise, but if you can get there I would definitely recommend them. Alternatively, SweatShop are based all over the UK and there's a single shop near Chichester called Filarinskis that I think has their running section going after they moved premises.
  11. Hi Biffins,

    I studied sports med and exercise science at uni, and wrote a dissertation on heel pain! The first thing I'd suggest you do is stop any training that puts direct impact on your heel ASAP and get to a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist to get a proper diagnosis. It's well worth the 40 odd quid at a high street sports injuries clinic if you can't be bothered waiting for an NHS consultation.

    The last thing you want to do is buy insoles when the problem is Calcanitis, Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, or something more serious like a stress fracture.

    If it turns out that it is plantar fasciiitis then, i would recommend buying an insole with good arch support. Obviously, the gold standard is an orthopedic moulded orthotic, but if you want a cheap alternative, get the Dr. Scholl's - Pain Relief - Heel Pain Orthotics it covers all the bases.

    Finally, to help the problem further (after you get it looked at and confirm it is indeed Plantar Fasciitis) i'd suggest that you

    1/ start proprioceptive training on your ankle and heel . This involves 20 minutes a day of standing on a wobble board, putting the odd squat in. In short, this helps strengthen all ligaments, tendons and prevents inappropriate muscular contractions that cause heel pain as the achilles tendon puts stress on the heel.
    2/ when sitting on the couch, get a golf ball, put it on the floor and roll your bare foot up and down on top of it, pushing hard into it. This helps to break down the scar tissue associated with Plantar Fasciitis and increases the softness of the connective tissues in your sole, aiding arch formation.
    3/ along with the above, put a pen on the floor and keep trying to pick it up with your toes. Every time you drop it, arch your toes back towards your shin and hold the stretch, and repeat over 20-30mins every evening.

    Hope that helps, but remember, get it looked at by a professional. You have 1 right heel for the rest of your life! It's worth the £40!
  12. Btf,
    Many thanks for your input most useful.
    It's the knees, hips and lower back with me. Too much lifting, loads of back injuries over the years.
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  15. BTF 29

    Many thanks for the advice. Will seek a proper diagnosis as it is really quite painful at the moment.