Insoles at PCCBC

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by mcflurry, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. A few lads I know have just done PCCBC, and mentioned being given custom insoles when they were found to have either flat feet or falling arches. Does anyone on here know any more about this?

    Edited to add- my question is about the insoles. What are they like?

  2. What exactly are you asking? Is your question about PCCBC (PCBC?), custom insoles, flat feet, or some individuals who have flat feet?

    If you suspect that you won't get through the course without damage you could either go and see a physiotherapist to get your feet and gait assessed, or perhaps chose not to go infantry, FFS. If you know 'a few lads,' why don't you ask them?
  3. Sorry if the original post was unclear- I've edited it accordingly.

    I saw a physio last year and was advised to buy medial arch supports. I have some off the shelf ones that don't really cut it and have been looking at buying some made-to-measure ones.

  4. Sorbothane pro's for that extra instep support worked for me. If not required than the sorbothane shocks or super feet are also good. The insoles that come with are ultra shite but you do get some extra kudos for completing the course with only issue tissue.

    That said, the new boots should be being issued soon.
  5. I really hope this is true! I am on the May 2013 intake and having got used to a nice set of Lowas over the last 3 years am not looking forward to going back to issue boots.
  6. Like riflebums said, the RMAS physio dept have seen every possible variation of fucked up feet and will sort you out with whatever insoles or heel raises you need. Just try not to turn up with an injury.
  7. Are the new boots meant to be a lot better than the old ones then? I wasn't aware they were changing them, not that I would really expect to be, but I heard the current ones aren't bad as long as you break them in properly before you go.