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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mbwest, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for what boot insoles to buy for normal non-parade boots.

    Also any ideas for running trainers? I'm currently looking at mi addidas ( I think these are the best after looking around.

    Also, obvioulsy I use my trainers for training and lately they have began to stink. I stuck some odour eater insoles in them and got the spray and it does work but the insoles are SOOO flimsy, had them about a month and they are more or less falling apart. Any great ideas for stopping my trainers smelling or some sturdy, oudor eating insoles.

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. 1. Don't run, then they won't stink!
    2. Get some extra large boots that you can fit your slippers into, very comfortable.

    Seriously, if you are having problems with your feet, go to the Med Centre and speak to a Doc, you can get issude with made-to-measure quality insoles for your footwear. Well, you used to be able to, cutbacks and all that.
  3. Top advice. Are you paid for this sort of stuff? Now what slippers shall i buy?

    No seriously i'm in the UOTC. Regarding the boots, i was just enquiring for future reference so i could be prepared instead of waiting untill i'm already in pain.

    Thanks ;)
  4. Use the issue insole as a template and cut some out of an old (or someone elses) rollmatt. Comfy as f uck but needs replacing fairly frequently.
    As for smelly trainers. Wash your feet everyday, never wear trainers without socks and use cotton socks.
  5. Buy running shoes from a pukka running shop, not one of the high street fashion shops. Wear them for running only, ie not down the pub or anytime else. Pukka running shops will give you advice regarding your running style, mileage, terrain/routes that you run on and your weight and gait. Expect to pay £50+ and change them every 6 months to a year depending on mileage, etc. Stop worrying about the smell you big girl.

    Boot insoles - buy the best you can afford and expect to pay £20-30 for decent sports insoles/orthotics such as 'superfeet' or 'conformable'. Put them in all your footwear, or at least the ones you wear most often. Sorbothanes are OK and may be available through the system, but don't muck about with anything less, your lower limbs (and hips/spine) are at risk from the usual training activities if you don't start with good foundations (support to the feet).

    Consider replacing your issue boots with something from Altberg (either custom made or off-the-shelf), will cost you a day or two's pay but it's your long term health and mobility that's at risk if you try and cut corners.

    Pielover, I wouldn't even sleep on the issue rollmat, let alone trust my lower limbs to cut-off bits of one ?!!

    There's shed-loads of advice in here about running shoes and boots, so have a poke about.
  6. Personally, not being UOTC and being a 'Shop-floor' Grunt. I would definately recommend 'Sorbothane' insoles.
    I have used them for the last 8 years of my Army career and would compel them to anyone who's about to go through what I did. Commenly available from most sports shops in the UK.
  7. You are Officer Class are'nt you Boss!!!!
  8. Sorbothane appear to do many different insoles, what ones do you use?
  9. I use the full foot bed ones but beware they make your boots go down a size

    I think Noene sorbo insoles are quite good too

    Agree with pie eater about the roll mat emergency insoles
  10. Go to the running shop first time, and once you've found a brand, make and size that works for you, use an internet "pikey price" site to get the same ones cheap.
    As for the insoles, try superfeet from a somewhat warry site, but he has some good prices.
    ROLL MAT INSOLES, who are you, Worzel Fcuking Gummidge!!!??