I found a picture of my grandad from ww2 in what looks like a no2 shirt , but no headress my mother says he was in the Royal Signals ,but what got my attention was he has the insignia of a battle axe on both epilets , any one care to clarify this , and maybe give me a clue of where he served in ww2 :?
I don't think you understand completely how these things work - a Division is a huge organisation, during WWII probably 18,000 men, with Signals, Engineers, REME, RASC, in fact, all the Corps in it - as well as the infantry, artillery and possibly armour. There was certainly a Signal Company* which provided the Div HQ and a number of other signals units at the brigade level.

78 Division was an infantry division and it was often the case in the Mediterranean Theatre that people used to wear their divisional insignia on shoulderstrap slides in shirtsleeve order with no other indication of unit usually, other than the cap badge.

There was quite a complex system of arms of service strips which went under the divisional insignia, as well as shoulder titles, which would be worn on the battledress tunic.

*Troops, Squadrons and Regiments were a post-war change for the Royal Signals, during the War they were platoons and companies, as far as I know.

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