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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. What's disturbing is that it reads like a fanatical, partisan screed. It's surprising to see a journalist submit to emotional hysteria. What a shame.
  2. I have never considered King George to of high interlect and consider that many in UK do not fully apriciate the mentality of the people who 'Run' Georgei boy.
    From your comments you probably consider the the illegal invasion of Iraq as an action that defends the US of A.
    The US administration got it wrong and dragged down my country via Georgi boy's pet poodle Blur.
    Read and study history and do not accpet the internal ravings of the Neo CONS.
    Your country will never live down the shame inflicted on your brave troops by the Chickenhawks.
  3. Yes, it is shameless liberal nonsense from someone who cut his teeth at that leftie rag called The... erm... Economist and some Trotskyite pamphlet called The Financial Times before becoming an Associate Editor of The Times under that reincarnation of VI Lenin, Rupert Murdoch.

    For my money, discourse in the US is focusing on the p1ss-poor execution of the war for two principal reasons. The first is that most Americans can't get their head around the degree to which a) intelligence failures occurred and b) intelligence was politicised and have an even harder time distinguishing which was which. It becomes a question of process, which is complicated and (for most people) not very interesting.

    The second and most important factor is that, from a political point of view, Bush's opponents are on safe ground by pointing out that he couldn't organise a bunk-up in brothel. As I've stated elsewhere, even if you disregard whether you think his policies and aims are right or wrong, there is simply no getting away from the fact that he has failed in achieving any major policy success in the 7 years he's been asleep at the wheel. As such, by focusing debate on poor execution, Democrats are forcing Republicans to either break with the leader of their party or defend the indefensible. (Oh, it also gets a lot of Dems off the hook when it comes to who also accepted/ ignored the Int. :wink: )

    Lipo, wake up and smell the coffee, you sad little estate agent. The writing is on the wall for your boy. Even his own party has deserted him. Just look at what the GOP candidates for '08 are saying about him. All that's left on his side are a small minority of knuckly-dragging, mouth breathing flat-earthers and puppets of AIPAC.
  4. You don't say.

    Yes, of course...the neocons. How can I forget. It's the joke stupid people laugh at.

    Oh, no. I wanted the USA to invade Iraq in order to kill Saddam Hussein. He is now worm food. Mission accomplished.

    Whether Saddam Hussein actually had WMD's or not is hardly the point. He most assuredly does not have them now. The burden of proof was with him and the invasion of Iraq was launched in order to settle the question once and for all. It was precisely the right thing to do. Absent accurate intelligence, the United States had every reason to believe that Saddam Hussein was a liar and a willing mass murderer.

    Thanks, I'll make sure to do that.

    Shame? You mean pride. I'm absolutely happy the United States invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the right thing to do.
  5. No kidding. Looks like Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

    I'm afraid you might be disappointed to realize that in the end, the presidencies of Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush won't be much different.

    Once the revolution is over, one must get rid of the revolutionaries. The instant Hillary is sworn in, expect a purge of netroots from the party organization and a lurch by Hillary to the right.

    Hillary will make herself popular by doing so - an absolute must if she intends to accomplish her legislative goals.
  6. Thanks for the insight into your intellectual processes 'Lipo'...And for proving the validity of the article.
  7. You're welcome. I'm happy to be of service.
  8. I'm sure you can be - have you considered training up to become a Hat Stand?
  9. Lipo, please, please, please, PLEASE go away. You're really not helping any of us few Americans on here.
  10. Helping you? Do what?

    Are you surprised that my views would be different from someone else? Perhaps my agenda is quite different from yours. So sorry.

    Aren't you a journalist? If you disagree with me, you should tell me why. Don't be shy, Joseph. Speak up.
  11. You stick with it Lipo, don't let them get to you mate.

    The Times article is a standard bit of Islington Angst, correct on calling Rummy a delusional tw*t and Cheney as an evil incompetent, and the post War planning as criminally neglectful. But we all knew that anyway.

    Sounds to me like the Author is fishing for a NY Times job.
  12. Good enough so did I.

    Yep I agree, he was a Nazi w***** who has now been made safe

    Afghanistan 300% yes the Taliban were (are) an affront to humanity, they should be burned like plague carriers. Iraqi well I would say 89% - we should have done Iran first as it always was the greater threat then swiftly done Saddam and his brood.
  13. Lipo,

    Brown realises that the only way he's going to win the next election is to pull out of Iraq and leave you lot to sort out your own mess. The story reads a lot different this side of the pond.

    The question Mr Brown must now ask himself is whether he can still allow himself to remain publicly allied to a US Administration that is so recklessly belligerent in its diplomatic conduct, so demonstrably incompetent in warfare and so irresponsibly dangerous to the peace of the world.
  14. Phew! So that will mean that AQ etc. will leave us alone! Great News! Especially as it was nothing to do with us and the role of British Troops in the invasion - being endorsed by a vote in Parliment was obviously just a misunderstanding.