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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Hypno85, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys. Got a letter through the post from the army, I was hoping it would be a date for phase 1 but it wasnt. It was for a Insight Course. Now my question is, Is it optional to go or something i have to do?

    I know its a bone question but i only ask as i wouldn't be able to get the time off from my job to go.

  2. optional, i went on the 14th of jan down to larkhill, it was DEFINITELY worth going (even tho i sustained a back injury haha) its about regiments takeing a look at equipment speaking to people currently in training, i dont regret goin and i would advise you to go
  3. Ok thanks for the reply. As i said before i cant get the time off work so i wont be able to go. Hmm i'll write a letter saying i cant make it.
  4. It sure would be a shame if you were 'sick' when the insight course is :wink:
    Seriously though, you don't have any holiday left to take? Could you have a chat with your boss and see if you could get any unpaid leave?
  5. I too got an Insight letter today....a 30 year old re-enlistment, I won't be able to attend either due to holiday already booked, strange is it a target the the ACIO's have to meet a certain criteria for potential recruits?
  6. What do you mean paleblue?
  7. Simple really, do the ACIO's have a target to meet on the number of potential recruits that go on the Insight courses?

    I for one, as a re-enlistment know about the Army, the fitness tests and what they do during the day, therefore, do they just send the letter to everyone and hope to fill all the places that they have been allocated?

    I would expect that if this is set-up for potential recruits then there is a target criteria per ACIO that need to be filled.

    PB out
  8. Well i havent got one yet, but it might be that i am too early in the app progress
  9. As far as I am aware, there is no quota to reach for attendance to either a corps or a regiments insight days, they are not offered by every regiment after all. I would strongly reccomend going on one though, as you must realise that in reality the majority of potential applicants have only seen the army and its equippment either on the TV, or in the newspapers. It is a brilliant opportunity to see the "real" army as opposed to simply reading through the recruiting pamphlets. Shame you can't attend, would've been good.
  10. Strange that they are asking me to attend an LI Insight day when I am applying as a CMT.....
  11. Your ACIO will generally offer places on Insight Courses to those wishing to join that particular Regiment/Corps, but if there are spaces left then they sometimes offer them to others as its still an insight into the Army... ;) and would still be relevant...
  12. No where i work if you don't book it all before a certain date in the year. Your boss will allocate it for you. Pain in the arse if you ask me. Going sick is a no no atm as im as of today on a 1st written warning for being off sick (or as they say not meeting contract hours. Its a pile of shit). I said about the letter and they said well if its after April you can but i hope to be in Phase 1 by then.
  13. Sound like a crappy place where you work! Hope something works out for you. Can you contact the people where the insight course is and see if there is another date where you can have a look around?
  14. i was there too, you LIAR!

  15. Im going for the coldstreams and i went on their look @ life course and it was very usefull as far as i know insight courses happen every month so get hold of ur recruitment seorgent or visit :)