Insight Course?!

:? So my ACA has recommended to send me on an insight course.... Few questions: I expressed an interest to join the Rifles in particular so is this done with the regiment? And also what sort of stuff should I be expecting? Cheers
I'm doing mine on wednesday. I'm under the impression that everyone attends the same course, and the selection board after that should be the same as well.

You will be facing a basic fitness test, team and leadership excercises, interviews and group discussions. Keep on top of current affairs, both at home and abroad. From experience, there is a long wait. I applied in august and the nearest one when I got a call in september was january.
At which point in the application process are you guys? I'm in the initial stages so and insight course sounds both enjoyable and beneficial.

Cheers, James.
This is right at the start. Like I said, I applied last year, but this is the first actual interview or test that I wil be undertaking. I believe they send you on an insight course to give you advice on your application. For example, they will tell you if you are ready for the next test, or if you have areas to improve on.

You can't pass or fail, but obviously you want to make the best impression. So, polish your shoes!
whiskeytango- that sounds like an aosb briefing- briefing lol

and, james, i've had a meeting with my aca on wednesday so im in the relatively early stages too.

hope you all have good luck
I did a junior potential officer insight course back in July at Gamecock Barracks near Nuneaton, which happened to be with the Signals. There wasn't really any regiment specific stuff on the course at all so it probably doesn't matter which unit you do it with. Recommended you keep on top of fitness as you will do a fitness test, spend time on the assault course as well as take part in stretcher races. There's also a bit of an introduction to basic tactics like fire and manoeuvre, and you'll be issued green stuff and a rubber gat to have fun in fields with. You'll do a few command tasks, and there's also a practice 'plan ex'. I found the current affairs discussion quite enjoyable but it's important to be able to form your own balanced opinions and possibly persuade other group members to follow your point of view. Highlight of the course for me was actually the mess dinner (for which you'll need to bring a suit), that lasagne went down very well indeed. When you arrive I expect you'll be put into 'syndicates' of 10, with a corporal/sergeant and a 2nd lieutenant/lieutenant working with you throughout the course.
Thanks burgernipplesss.

What did the fitness test involve? I'm currently trying to get fit(ter!).

Did you apply for an insight course through the AFCO?
Fitness test consists of a 1.5 mile best effort run (including an 800 metre warmup I think), then as many pressups you can do in 2 mins and same for sit-ups. Applied through my ACA at his recommendation, he basically just gave me a form to fill in and send off, same for the Sandhurst visit which is also worth doing. Oh you'll get a course report from your syndicate leader afterwards, forgot to mention that in my previous post. Pretty much gives you ratings (poor, fair, good) on things like fitness, leadership qualities, appearance (not sure why) as well as a nice paragraph detailing what the officer thinks of you and whether he recommends you for the scholarship/main board.
I went on mine today. It is quite a fun experience. Just put all your effort into it, and they will give you good feedback.

I recieved positive feedback, all they said was that I would do well to train higher than the required stardards, as I would have barely scraped briefing. Christmas and extra work is responsible for that, the blasted mince pies!

Also don't have any niggling injuries. You don't get a warm up period.

Just don't do what one person did and turn up in converse sneakers and facial pearcings and a half grown beard.

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