insight course , pirbright.

hey there.

going on my insight course tomorrow at pirbright. just packed and well i just would like to know how many of each item i should take. i.e shorts,joggers,t-shirts,casuals etc.

i dont wanna over pack and look a grade a twonk so give me a hand :)


Is it the one for the AGC? I was supposed to go on that but have work so can't. It's not a long insight so shouldn't think you will need to take much
hey people.

as you can tell i`m back early...went away with a bad back came back with a leg thats considerably fooked.

all started yesterday on the bleep test went to push off and my leg buckled and cramped up , mass ammounts of pain so got marked down for a real shit score, got 40 sit ups and 36 press ups, then today we tackled tht rather steep hill at pirbright...3 times up it then 1 time up it backwards.. it made me chunder but i put it all into it even though my thigh and calf were ended up missing the 4 miler * i know your all thinking lazy knut* then we did the assault course again i went through the pain to try and gain some marks for effort but ended up pulling up on the rope swing thing as my leg was agony. so i basically been told if i dont pass the coldstream guards intake course i carnt join the r.a.c...... utterly peed off as i was told there is no pass fail for the course and its just a sight into the army....i know i could of got to around 9-10 on bleep test and did the 2 miler in around 13-14 mins. is it me being sour or is my recruiter aloud to stop my application till i pass a coldstream guards course even though i want r.a.c ? he is also a coldstreamer.
why did you carry on if your injured, that could really stuff your chances up come medical time
because basically if we left we got a bad report...and well i`ve left and my recruiter is now sayin from what he has heard he is pending my application. i dont find this fair as yesterday and today i have worked my arse off even though being in agony.
they may say things arnt pass fail, but everytime you step foot onto an insight course or even pop into an afco they are judging your suitability, sounds harsh but your after a job at the end of the day mate
but if you do feel you have been treated unfairly you have the right to appeal, to want for a better word
i was given choice by my recruiter either be pended 6 months or cancel my application all because i hurt my leg which the sgt major on the course didnt believe. the bleep test my leg gave way and cramped up so i pulled out at like level 1.4-1.6 - but then i gave it my all on the hill reps at pirbright and press ups and sit ups. as most of you will know when you have a pulled muscle in your back press ups and sit ups can be a bitch. i dont wanna end up getting my application cancelled by phoning and asking for an appeal as the info notes will most likely not be good from pirbright because of the above stated problems.
6 months isnt that long pal in the great scheme of things, as much of a sickener it must be, it would give you chance to improve your phys even more, best of luck though hope it works out for you
i just feel the 6 month deferal is harsh for picking up a injury during a insight course. and to pass a insight course for infantry when i want r.a.c i do feel i have been poorly treated...i could of stayed there another day and wasted there time more with poor results....i just dont know
Did you give up or did they say you were unsuitable to carry on????

Because if you gave up, I can understand your recruiter deferring you for 6 months. All insight courses are a look at life in the army & a small taste of what Phase 1 will be like. If you couldn't handle a little 2 day insight course you'll never be able to handle yourself in phase 1,

& even worse if your recruiter put you up for selection & you failed because of your "cramps" you could be taking someone elses place, someone who probably would be more better than you & more able bodied to complete selection.

Sorry in advance if I come across harsh
If your injury was sufficient to cause you to score a mere 1.6 on the MSFT (a score which would the fattest biffs point and laugh) then it's obviously fairly significant and a few months to let it heal and for you to get your fitness back on track is possibly a good idea.
i am unsure as to why an earth i started getting cramps over these last few days i never suffered from cramps before on long runs etc. i can do my 1.5 mile time easy push ups are like 5 away from what you need for phase 2 pass out 44 if i remember correctly and i got 55 sit ups. the bleep test score was so poor because i obviously pulled out because of harsh calf cramp. now i am not one for giving up without a fight but doing all the running up that mahhhoooosive hill at pirbright has just ruined my leg. i went there with a few niggles and i didnt mention them as i didnt want to be seen as a complainer or get sent home.

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