Insight course in 2 weeks and have serve blisters!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 04mayb, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Right, im going on an parachute insight course in 2 weeks and have stepped up the training so i would atleast keep up with everyone else, however in doing so i have given myself serve blisters on the base of my feet. Anyone know a way to harden them or anything else so they will be less painful when i arrive

  2. If you do a forum search you'll see about a billion topics on blisters and feet hardening.
  3. Serve????
  4. Go and buy some shock-absorbing insoles; might help. Treat the blisters in whichever way works for you, be that popping them or leaving them, and take up swimming or rowing for a bit instead of running.
  5. i use sorbothane inserts and always wea 2 pairs of socks, cotton on the inside and the nasty wooly ones on the outside, never had any problems
  6. Stick ya feet in a bowl of pi$s a few times a week and walk round bare footed as much as pos for hard core feet that fu#ks up pumice stones
  7. Cotton is crap. Doesn't absorb sweat - need a smartwool liner as wool does absorb and also keep sweat off the feet but then I've found feet are a very individual thing.......!!!!

    Surgical spirit will harden your feet up no end.