Insight course 5th - 7th Nov - Larkhill

Passed selection at Litchfield in August and start phase 1 training at Bassingbourn in January, Been invited to an Artllery insight course in November. Is anyone else going down or has anybody been before and can give me a few tips on what to expect

cheers :D
Really? I always though they solely for people looking to join the army...not are accepted, but I guess it's good anyway if you do one for your area i.e. logistics combat etc
Me too, allready been to one before at Nuneaton so was surprised to get asked to go on one again. I am joining the Artillery as a junior gunner so this will give me a chance to see some of the options I can look at when I get through Phase 1. My ideal choice is 26 RA on the AS90's

Cheers for the reply :D

Is there anyone else goin to start there Phase 1 at Bassingbourn in Jan :?:

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