Inside the Taliban

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by daywalker, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. daywalker

    daywalker LE Kit Reviewer

    On all day on sky news, looks quite interesting.
  2. Almost as interesting as the bit where the same group of Taliban claims that most of their funding comes from the UK.
  3. just seen it, cant understand why they didnt do the reporter in, he must of been shitting his pants
  4. I've just seen it this morning on Sky news and I think it is nonsense. It says nothing new, shows nothing interesting, and how the leader of a small group of fighters living up a tree on the border thinks he knows about what is going on in the UK I don't know.

    I think the risks run by the reporter and his crew were in no way justified by the returns, they were lucky not to be hit by a drone while monkeying about watching the Taliban plant an alleged IED in the way everyone knows it must be done.

    'Blimey, they dig a hole and cover it up - crafty buggers these Talibs.' - shock exclusive, not.

    I think it is just a macho bit of macho willy-waving to other correspondents, and I'm bloody glad he didn't get kidnapped because it means no-one has to bother trying to rescue the prat.

    I think journalists and aid workers do have a valuable role to play in Afg, just not in this instance.
  5. It certainly is interesting. Considering ISAF forces have snatched one particular insurgent who spoke fluent English...

    ...and had a brummie accent.
  6. shame i missed this. saw something similar on Channel 4 and was in hysterics it was so surreal.

    some Taliban had planted an IED to blow up a convoy.
    convoy passed it unhurt as IED didn't blow up, irate taliban shouts at the one with the phone in his hand. "you're supposed to press D you idiot!!!"

    "i did!"




    "okay, you watch i press D and..." *explosion in the background* "oops"


    it was like a bloody monty python sketch.
  7. I saw that too, I could not believe it. It was almost comical, then they all got slapped by their angry religious indoctrinator/commander.
  8. I saw that as well. The best part was when they returned to base he went to interview their head honcho who they had told the attack was a success and "had killed many of the invaders"
    He sat there banging on how the journalist had witnessed a great victory against the infidel while the journo had to keep schtum to keep his head.
  9. Filming the "enemy" plant a device designed to kill the reporters countrymen or allies of, is tantamount to treason in my very humble opinion.

    I do not imagine there was a member of the BBC embedded with the SS in 1940whatnot.
  10. is it just me, or does "Inside the Taliban" sound like a great title for a gheyporn flick?
  11. It's just you.
  12. If he spoke fluent English, then he's faking the Brummie accent. Does that make him a Brummie Walt or a Brummie Fakir?
  13. All done with a great deal of co-operation from UK Armed forces. Team were de-briefed by 'those that need to know'. The camera crew, one of whom is a very experienced ex-RM have been in Afghanistan many, many times and knew what they were doing. There are risks involved when filming this sort of stuff of course - but there is in any hostile environment where stories are shot. When setting off on a task like this it's never possible to tell what results will be achieved but whether it was worth the effort is a moot point.
  14. Thanks big eye, that has eased my anger somewhat!

    Hope they gave enough intel for them to be blatted by a Predator on their next IED run.
  15. Anyone with Sky+, this is being repeated on Anytime.

    I wasn't surprised about the UK funding of the Taliban, thought it was common knowledge that money and recruits for their cause are found throughout the western world.

    I confess to not knowing much about things out there but I was surprised with the second half of the report that the tribal leaders and Taliban were so willing to talk to a female reporter.