Inside the Green Berets

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by AbusesToilets, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. National Geographic : Inside the Green Berets
    This was on tv on sunday in the US,being shown again tonight (May 5th).The footage was filmed during the last rotation.Not sure if it will be shown on the same schedule in the UK,but it will probably be available online in due course.I missed it the other night so looking forward to catching it tonight.It's not very often that there are opportunities to see SF at work,even if they due cut out most of the good stuff
  2. Looks well worth watching. National Geographic is in my opinion, the best source of reliable journalism on the market. They tell it, and show it, exactly how it is, whether it's war, pollution, or poverty.
  3. Torrent Download

    I've added a link for those who would like to download the torrent. The program is well worth it.
  4. Sweet,i managed to miss it again
  5. I guess the links on that thread are to an older program,the torrent has the newer one.Pretty interesting stuff,gives you a good indication of the complexity of the situation and the difficulties faced.
    Some lovely beards on display too,i'm sure the higher ups love that :wink:
  6. At,

    Did you finally get to watch the show?
  7. Yeah,it was ok.It didn't really show much operationally but gave a fairly good idea of what the mission is like for them,in terms of the interaction with the local population.Got to wonder why you would keep going on a road after you had found that number of IEDs already.Kind of asking for trouble.You can really appreciate the WTF!!? moment when the ANA turns on their headlights.Muppets :roll:
  8. I thought so to but then I watched it again and I believe the Team leader said that there was no other option but to push up that road. The place they had to pass was in the middle of very bad guy land and it was night so the risk of getting attacked was real high. Plus the radio intercepts they were pulling indicated that the Taliban were moving into their general area to ambush them so they decided to get ahead of the Taliban and surprise them. Then the gaffe with the ANA troops happened...very sad.
  9. Damnation! when I saw the title I hoped it would be a Gay Porn Fest!