Inside of a challenger?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by CitySlicker, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Been looking up the interior but can't find a thing! anyone got any photos? I'm a 16 year old looking at potential regiments but at 6"2 already I'm worried it might be a tight fit!! Any advice?
  2. watch and shoot, watch and shoot.
  3. I've got some photos of me pulling a trav greabox out of the gunners site hole in the turret. But it won't help you much.

    You'll be fine as a loader.
  4. Actually, I have quite a few photos of the turret interior.

    I'm not sure what classification the turret interior is now though, so I'm not posting them.
  5. I'd be looking as joining as an officer, would wherever the commander sit provide ample room? I'll probably grow aswell to about 6'4, I worry despite a love of tanks it won't be for me.
  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    Why would you want to join the army when at 16 you are already a hotshot in the city?
  7. You'll be alright... if you can't shut the hatch just put an angling brolly up to keep you dry.
  8. I knew someone who was over 6' (and built like an ox)- and he was a CVR(T) commander!
  9. Aye, dinnae post, min.

    Anyways, I've known taller and bigger guys who are Chally 2 crewman (not so comfortable as a gunner) but managed okay. The Gunner's seat is uncomfortable for alles, and I'm a short ass! Driver's seat is sleep city even for big guys.
  10. It was a reference to the film mate. Weird one I know.
  11. Yes you'll be fine, this isn't the Red Army.

    The inside of CR2 used to be at least RESTRICTED. Don't know whether it is now, but I certainly don't recommend posting anything not already in the public domain.
  12. If my memory serves me well, the height from the Comdrs seat in the down position to the hatch is similar to that of Chieftain.

    Find a Chiefy and have a paly around inside. The crew positions are located the same as Chally but the kits much better. Im sure one of the Guys has some pics of a chiefy Turret internals?

    I think "Restricted" is 25 years?..but I may be wrong.
  13. When did we meet then??
  14. I don't think we have - unless you admit to being an LD!
  15. Sure it wasnt two LDs,one on top of the other, i thought to be a LD,you had to be one of Snow Whites Lucky 7s :)