Inside Bar/Power Pub/Borussia Dortmund Games

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Martiniqueside_1809, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. I must say I was swinging a right old lantern and pulled up a couple of sandbags reading these posts.

    Just slightly disappointed that most of the posts are from the Dark side and not proper steamies field gunners or even the Heavy boys from 5!!! I served in Dortmund from '83 to '90 with 5 and 19.

    Great days and heady memories. Might get drunk later and see if i can remember some good uns and post em.

    Regards martinique 1809 and all of you, remember

  2. Firstly Welcome to ARRSE..M1809..Enjoy your stay. :thumleft:

    I too have served with the Artillery in Dortmund, 16 Regt from 92 to 95, and i must say i do miss the old place. It was a crazy time, but on looking back at the posts, It seems that Dortmund has changed for the worst, Refugees,Turkist style Mafia involved in most criminal activities, and generally the city as a whole has degenerated. Sad really as Dortmund Centrum, Was a really rocking place to be. Maybe they should post back another unit to sort this lot out..Old Skool Rules. :threaten:
  3. i remember you getting a bit tipsy and me and Stanley F having to walk home with you as no taxi drivers would take you in their cab!!

    and i can think of a lot more brown bottle!!!