Inserting cash card into pump before filling in Belgium

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by PapaGolf, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Just to make Arrsers aware, when i was trying to fill up in Belgium, i was instructed by the cashier in the petol station, to insert my card first then take the fuel, my card was rejected by Lloyds TSB and about 30 seconds later they rang me to ask if it was me using the card, as the petrol station had just tried to take 126 quid out of my account!! Fecking good work from Lloyds. Can't remember which petrol station it was, but it was definately a big name one. Pay cash, don't get fecked
  2. I ******* hate those machines. I was recently on the motorway and almost out of fuel - stopped at the garage to fuel up and the machine at the pump kept declining my card. I had plenty of cash in the bank but it just wouldnt go through, so I had to ******* crawl on petrolm fumes to the next station where I could pay by card in the garage and it went through fine.
  3. Appreciate the heads-up as I’ll probably be passing through soon, however, use a purpose restricted card.

    Nice to hear Lloyds have some form of arrse-in-gear these days. Days past, long past, was singled out from a convoy in France from among Frog cars. Despite the ‘convoy’, Frog plod said I alone was speeding??? Very near my Calais return, I didn’t have the 600 wanks they wanted on the spot to let me continue. Offered to write a cheque for 600 wanks from my Lloyds UK sterling cheque book, which they accepted??? Got the letter from Lloyds stating, as expected, my/their GB cheques are only valid for sterling in the UK, but, the bastards decided to ‘do me a favour’ and honour the 600 wanks to France!!!!!!! Peuvent me baiser le cul.:x

  4. They weren't trying to take the cash. They will authorise your pump withdrawal to a set amount.

    If you go to a UK station and "pay at pump" you insert the card before hand, and then it "rings" your bank to see if you have enough cash to fill up. It then says "you are authorised to withdraw up to £xxxx worth of fuel, please carry on"

    The fact that your bank refused the initial request was the issue.

    It's the same as having a hotel scan your credit card when you check-in.

    Stop crying.
  5. It's common practice over there I think. On a similar vein, I filled up on the motorway somewhere inland from Ostende a few weeks ago. Had to purchase 60 Euros in petrol on my card, filled up with about 25 Euros' worth (it's a very small tank!) and got the rest back as change in cash. Had a similar thing in Paris last new years too.

    What's more annoying is Lloyds' total paranoia about card security. Despite me warning them last new years that we would be travelling abroad and also informing them where we were going as part of the account travel insurance cover - the first time I tried to use my card in a froggy petrol station Lloyds flagged it as stolen and I had a brief chat without coffee with the Gendarmes.

    I guess it's good that they are on the ball............
  6. I'm with Lloyds, and so far have had no issues with them, whilst I've been abroad.