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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. If you could write an "Insert Slip" or "SST" or whatever they call it these days about someone you have met off arrse, what would it be?

    F'rinstance, Fatbadge*

    Fatbadge is a rotund sort of person and the ability to talk in "arrse code" with his superiors whilst amongst non-arrsers and still make them laugh, when they have no idea what they are laughing about.

    During his tour, Fatbadge has been a good supply of cheap Kenyan biffters and dodgy wooden snail type things, albeit one of it's antennae was lost in transit. His adaptability overcame this and he gently placed a Swan Vesta in the lack of "radar" and smoothed things over with the recipent of said gift.

    On a whole, Fatbadge has been an asset. His ability to make the brews, cough up dodgy stuff as required, dance like his dad - it has all been appreciated.

    I grade him B+ with potential to get an A if he gets some nice biscuits.

    For CO

    *He's on the lash in the Taps, and I did warn him not to get his mates to text me constantly!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Which in translation reads:

    Met FatBadge on a drunken night out, cadged a few fags and then he gave me a quick knee trembler, we were both too pissed to remember, but he did nick my tea bags and milk on his way out.

  3. Stand by treacle, it's just all about you isn't it?

    I cannot comment on msr's work, I can, however, comment on his collectability. He is adapt at procuring lesser items from his superiors and will go a long way.

    Also very good at acquiring Italian smidgets.

    However, he is exceptionally handsome, but must work harder on his IT skills.


    D T Snail
    for CO
  4. Thank you, sir.
  5. :slow:

    Thankyou kindly Snail.

    Could you please type a bit quieter. It appears I might have drunk a couple too many last night and am suffering as a result.

    Insert slip.. Hmm. I will do one later once i can breathe, type and think at the same time. might take a little while, ive only just got to the stage of breathing and typing at the mo.

    Waterbeach. Gotta luv it.
  6. Wrong answer shite-teeth.

    You were drinking with poofs anyway.
  7. But you said you werent there? You big raging lezzer. :wink:

    Dale the Snail is a fruitcake sort of mollosc and has an inane ability to completely scare all who dare enter the Snail's office

    During Snail's tour, Dale the Snail has managed to disembowel many foe both electronically and by normal means, often taking out innocent bystanders. Collaterol Damage is Dale's middle name. A clerical asset to the Regiment, Dale's moving will be a great loss to whoever receives Dale.

    I grade Dale B+ with potential to get an A if Dale doesnt bring that gay dog in again.

    Badge, Fat, One for the use of.

    For CO
  8. In fact, im sure there's an impostor.

    How the hell did The Snail manage to get to 4000 posts without being shitcanned?

    I reitterate the fact you are a big raging lezzer. Dale would never have stood for it.

    I should also point out Snail is down 'The Taps' with her other raging lezzer friends.. probably rugmunching as i type.. perish the thought.