Insensitive Reporting or Slow News Week?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. I came across this headline outside the Co-operative store in Cleater Moor this weekend.
    I've no idea what the story is about and it's either the most insensitive reporting of a young lady's demise or there really was bugger all happening in Whitehaven that week!


    Can you think of any examples in a similar vein?
  2. If it's the first option, I'm sure there are a few likely supects on here to look out for.

    I seem to remember one involving the theft of a garden gnome which cropped up in a rural paper in Cornwall.

    As a contrast, my favourite headline of all time was from the Hammersmith Chronicle: "Radioactive child porn suspect escapes bail"

    Not only is he going to f*ck your kids, he's going to give them cancer!
  3. Its small town papers mark their all like this i think it because stuff very rarely gets intreasting in sandford and the likes so anynews is news if you only go to press once a week. here in aber the local papers headlining news for the last week has been 'national pizza chain to open a branch in Aberystwyth' and before that they ran with the local part time refs views on the sky ref saga. small towns eh
  4. Either that or leave them with a pleasant glow.
  5. "Would you like to play with my lightsaber?"