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Why is it that the Corps continues to feel insecure about itself?  I note in the latest edition of the 'Sustainer' the Corps Adjt informs us that we are soon to be wearing a Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF), this is a 5cm square patch in Corps colours to be worn on the right arm.

It is likened to the TRF worn by the Guards Div and some Inf Bns, which of course it is nothing of the sort having no basis in history or tradition.  What it does do is make Corps members a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the field Army.  Presumably some soldiers in 13 AA Regt will have a DZ flash, an RLC TRF and a set of para wings, maybe a dagger, AD wings, or an ATO badge, what a joke!

If we really want to improve the image of the Corps lets start by removing the RLC capbadge from the slovenly EFI civilians and fatties.

Stop trying to manafacture an identity, instead let our performance on ops and the numerous medals on our soldiers speak for themselves.  I for one will not wear an RLC TRF.
A TRF wouldn't bother me so long as it doesn't look like an abortion of a patch.

I wouldn't say the Corps is particularly insecure, just trying to form an identity all of it's own, it is only 9 years old after all. I am sure as it moves into adolescence it will try a few things and drop them as they are deemed bad ideas, which may be the case here.

If we removed TRFs from fatties then we would have to re-badge the entire Brigade of Guards !  :D

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