Insects Fucked


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Butterflies because they are pretty.

And bombardier beetles because they fire phosphorus grenades out of their bottoms. Or something .....
What are the pests we'll have a plague of, if there are no insects?
Once the little things like insects are gone and the big things like elephants and polar bears and whales are gone as well, we'll find that the plague of pests we'll suffer from will be the organisms that are too small to see... like Ebola virus and other cuddly micro life forms... thank gawd I'll be worm food long before it happens...
Insects can fcuk off. I hope every ant dies, the aardvark is not doing enough so it can fook off as well, and as nothing eats aardvark, then its all good.
Either it is fake news, or, budget restraints prevented the researchers from surveying SE Asia, coz we got lots n lots, n lots.
I blame ‘I’m a Celebrity, get me out of Here’ for disposing of industrial quantities of innocent insects and bugs.
Can we not help our little multi-legged friends out by disposing of industrial quantities of so-called celebrities instead? The world would be a much better place.
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