Insect bite question

About two months ago I got bitten by something whilst on ex. Whatever it was bit me three times in an area about the size of a ten pence piece. To start with it looked like three mozzie bites, after a week or so, it looked more like a red circle. This (rough) circle has now grown to around 2-2 1/2 inches in diameter, and the skin in the centre looks slightly bruised.

I've been bitten loads of times before, but have never seen any like this, nor has anyone I know.

Any ideas on what the Hell it is?


might have been a Tick that sounds like th esimptoms of limes disses.

if i where you id go see the Doc.
a mate of mine was bitten, sounds very similar IIRC it was some sort of parasite, required all sorts of meds, get down to the MO pronto.
I had the same thing - Lime disease.


Arthritis, neurology problems, character changing, death (in that order!)
youve let this go two months tartan? :) take it youre the guy who soldiers on till his arm falls off, then wonders why everybody thinks he has taken the "soldiers never die!" attitude to a silly level ;)
I nearly lost a leg last year to Wasps stings (dirty little feckers)after blood poisoning started setting in. After two months it doesnt sound like septicaemia but Im not a doctor so take the previously given advice and get it sorted.
i got blood poisoning a couple of years ago. stupidly waited till i could see every blood vessel in my right leg before realising i probably ought to go see the doctor.

at which point they amputated it.

mind you, we were tough in them days. i was back at work that afternoon.
Thanks guys, that was an excellent piece of diagnosis, I am now the proud owner of a trailer load of penicillin.

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