Inquiry follows military base exploits of girl, 17

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BadManners, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. From the Advertiser(North Yorkshire) 24th Jan 2006

    "Mil chiefs are awaiting a report into how a teenage girl conned her way into three North East Army bks during an astonishing ten day prank.
    The 17 year old girl woke 30 young paratrooper recruits at 3am and put them through drill exercises.
    She also commandeered vehicles, blagged free accommodation and roamed unchallenged near multi million pound military hardware.

    It has emerged the girl, who was refused admission into the Army, began the stunt at Helles bks, ITC, in Catterick Garrison in november last year.
    The teenager met an instructor in the town after claiming she was a soldier and went back to the barracks with him.
    The girl asked to borrow an NCO's uniform, saying she needed it for a Rememberance day parade as she had forgotten her own.
    She then went to the new recruits' accom at 3am and woke the platoon by barking orders at them.

    The teenager claimed to be a Royal Artillery lance bombardier, but had no ID card and regularly gave out the same fake service number.

    The next day she conned her way into Alanbrooke Bks in Topcliffe, Thirsk, and spent the day relaxing in the officers' mess.
    She then commandeered a driver to take her back to Catterick, where she gained entry to Cambrai Bks, home of the QRL.
    She told the guard commander she was just passing through and asked to be put up for the night, before wandering around the base unescorted.

    The girl was finally caught and Special Branch detectives were called in to investigate if the girl was a terrorist threat.
    But they decided she was harmless and she was released without charge.

    Seven days later she took a train to Hampshire where she called a military driver to pick her up at the station and take her to AAC HQ in Middle Wallop.
    She then wandered around the base, which is home to the £30m Apache helicopter gunships.
    She was finally caught and given an 18-month supervision order at Basingstoke Youth court.

    An Army spokesman said they were waiting the findings of a military police investigation into the incidents."

    By Joe Willis

    B Hell! she should be recruited by the Int Corps, with balls as big as hers she could be a huge asset (no pun intended)

    Blagging at its best LoL
  2. Do you think she was a bit bitter?

    Echo what you said though, thats big brass ones for you!!!
  3. Blagging at its best, yes. But more than a little bit scary isn't it. I thought that the Gate Sentries were supposed to check ID cards. I wonder if the RSM of the units involved has had 'words' with the guard shift of the day. I would have loved to be a fly on that wall!!
  4. She will probably end up working for The Scum!
  5. She's not related to the fake female Colonel/General who was doing the rounds a couple of years ago is she?
  6. Its scary - but they should recruit her immediately
  7. They should give this girl a ******* medal. Maybe MI5 should recruit her?
  8. Some 17 year old blonde bint poses as a LBdr - talk about scraping the barrel. She could have bought some Captain's slides from John Bull at least. I'm absolutely amazed no-one twigged this was a bit suspicious (although they probably did) - most officers wouldn't blag someone else's Rover!
  9. OMG...its Blondbint!!.lol
    On a more serious note though, i drove my brother in law to Borden in 2003 and on our arrival at around 01.30, the young sentry waved us in after asking for no more than simply my brother in laws name, which wasn't checked. We then wandered around a little finding his room etc, all unchallenged, and then when i attempted to leave the camp i drove around it twice trying to find my way back out, passing another young soldier twice who never even attempted to stop me and ask me why i was driving around the camp at 02.00.
    To say i was very surprised at the lax security is an understatement, although i suppose its reassuring to know i dont look like a manical terrorist!
  10. Mmmmm MPGS, don't you just love them!
  11. She must have been extra-specially bored.
  12. Anybody know why she didn't get into the army?
  13. saw the pic of her at TAC, she looks like a younger version of blondbint :lol:
  14. Is that why she didn;'t get into the army?
  15. Is that good or bad!!!?