Inquiry AGAIN!!!!

As an ex QDG (20 years ogo) with a son in the gulf.. So if I talk in plain squaddie, please forgive me.!! I am totally hacked off with this 'oh! dear a soldier has shot an Iraqi, better hold an inquiry' atitude of the so called higher ups..

They stupid or just plain fcuking blind!!!! If those upstairs realised that they 'The insurgents' are still at WAR.. then may be they would allow the lads to do there job without fear of 'out side involvement'

One totally hacked of Dad with a heart for all the boys out there..

Moss T
tomahawk6 said:
I agree with you Moss and I will say a prayer for your son for his safe return.
The troops have a right to defend themselves.
Thanks for that TH.. He is A sqn.. Not B.. thank god..
But please.. More than just my lad out there..
Just had some 'expert'on the box complaining that elections can not be held because the place is too violent

However, journos start bleating when shots are fired and demanding an investigation.

Can't have it both ways
It looks, so far as the news has presented it, a pretty clear case. The driver was in a queue of cars, pulled out and accelerated towards the check-point. They fired warning shots, ignored and they slotted him.

Has all the hallmarks of a suicide bomber.......but the tossers in power insist on another inquiry.

As stated earler, we are still at war, no matter what the politicians say and inquiries like this may result in a moments hesitation to a squaddie and so result in a few more deaths.

But hey! What do the politicians care! We are but cannon fodder to them......remember that next year at the ballot box :evil:
True, it IS annoying that this is leading Sky News as we speak, but it wont lead the headlines in tomorrow's newspapers.

Quotes from the BBC website:

The man was shot as he drove towards a Black Watch checkpoint near their Camp Dogwood base on 7 November, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said.

The car had pulled out of traffic and sped towards the soldiers, he said.

Military police are seeing whether correct procedures were followed, but the MoD says there is no suggestion troops did anything wrong.

It says it is standard procedure to conduct an investigation.
While I was typing this, Sky then ran a piece by Peter Sharp showing the professional way in which the Battle Group have been conducting mobile (heliborne) VCPs.

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