Inquests on Soldiers Deaths

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Storeman Norman, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Piece this morning in the DT about the delay in conducting inquests on soldiers killed whilst on duty. Some relatives of those KIA have waited up to three years for an inquest to be conducted. WTF?

    These men and women died in the service of their country. A grateful nation then subjects those who are left to pick up the pieces to yet more misery and suffering. An utter disgrace and someone grown up needs to sort this out - and quick.

    So, what is the MOD doing about it?

    So that's all right then - slope shoulders, turn to the right and address some REALLY important issues like the re-furbishment of Main Building. Get a fcuking grip you useless, faceless clowns and sort this one out. Now.
  2. Why don't they just pass an amendment to the existing legislation that makes all UK Coroners automatically Deputy / Assistant Coroners in all other parts of the UK and / or have a few 'floating' deputy Coroners who're brought in whenever there's a large incident? It seems more sensible than shelling out for and having to draft brand new legislation for temporary appointments.

    I don't know how it's possible for so many legal 'brains' to have so many problems passing and amending laws, unless of course it's in their own interest.
  3. Seems a very simple step to arrange things so that inquest is carried out in home town. Obviously, the current arrangement was made at a time when the current pressure was not envisaged.
    Chubby could deal with the new ruiling on his way back from delivering MFO boxes to Dorneywood.
  4. Good post Stormin Norman - Yes, they should get a grip, but it also stinks of the delay helping to quieten down any media interest in a particular incident. That it took nearly three years to conduct a coroners' inquest into the events of 23 June 2003 must have caused huge distress to those involved. I understand that because all KIA's in this country, are all returned through RAF Brize Norton (await correction from ARRSEr's) that this makes the Oxfordshire Coroner's office "unduly busy". This is absolute c*$p, and yet again shows the level of thought that was given by the government to the impact on this country of taking our armed forces to war.

    And is it just me that thinks that the "Ministry of Defence Spokesman" routine is adding to the MOD's problems. If you are representing the MOD and have authority to make such statements, then do the right thing and put your name to the statement, and insist that it's published with the release.
  5. You forgot....MoD's approach is "Can we f**k a squaddie over....?" They don't care and never have done.......Next time you meet a senior Civil Servant from MoD make it clear just how much you loathe, despise and detest them.....ignore them and find them the worst room to stay in, forget to feed them, spil gravy on their suit, make sure the worst chief for miles around is cooking for them. Get the worst Staff Driver for them.
  6. = We've done nothing, and intend to do nothing unless we are pushed into it. In the meantime, we are sloping our shoulders and passing the buck to another Ministry, who will doubtless do the same to us.