Inputting of medals responsibility - HR or MODMO?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by BarryBuddon, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Who has the glamerous task of inputting the award of a medal on JPA? Unit HR or MODMO responsibility?

    Do they honestly think that we have nothing better to do all day?

    Termination Checklist!! Can be buried any deeper? Excel wins.

    SJAR - Its going to work for my service as it was tested on six Lt Cols in the Single Service HQ (no units with a complex COC) - Thats ok then!
    How exactly can a bloke input his SJAR details whilst in Sangin or ANP Hill for example? Oh the offline version vias JPAC - that'll work.

    Don't even get me started on Dii!

    Rant over.
  2. Barry,

    Had a good day??? All the medals we have received in the last couple of moths have been entered on JPA by the medals office, which is in the spirit of JPA, i.e. input action taken where the event takes place although I haven't seen anything in black and white!. Always worth checking though!!

    Have you noticed the latest Op Bulletin ref record creation - the BPG must be followed to the letter, the use of locally produced crib sheets etc is not to take place, although the Bulletin actually contradicts the BPG on at least 2 counts! If we did this the TA would not be paid - I am currently waiting the week within which the "JPAC Payroll Cell will fix any errors" on a record we brought on from TRHA on Fri of last week - SPS branch will then be getting both barrels!!

  3. PW, I reinforce your comments, all medals that we have indented for and recieved are on JPA before they get to us, we have been checking.

    As for record creation, again, agreed, however, having been on a recent SPS seminar it appears that JPAC/Career Managers are puting records onto JPA without an assignment order, thus, when the Phase 1 unit, or whatever, try to do something on the record it does not happen.

    The DS seems to be to use the RG (Resolution Group) and the BAG, point to note, do not give up and use the complaints procedure, from what I can gather, this works.

    This from an RAO at an ATR.
  4. LJS,

    I see where you are coming from but as a TA unit we are the recruiting agency, the phase 1 training unit, the phase 2 training unit and the parent unit - the whole lot is done in house. My point is that if we follow the BPG our people will not get paid, the only way to ensure this happens is by completing the fields the BPG tells us not to and also a few more not mentioned anywhere!!!! As I said we are waiting the week and we will then take things further - I have already discussed this with my SPS branch and they are standing by!!!

  5. PW

    Good luck with that, all the recent JPA traffic on this would indicate that they are tying to do something.


  6. on a slightly different note, who is responsible for putting on quals etc as according to jpa, i dont have any?????
  7. Unit HR or your Training Wing.
  8. spoke to the chief clerk who promised that it had all been put on, showed the biatch and all she could say was ' oh yeah you're right'. she did say she would look into it.....again. not holding my breath though

  9. Spot on.
    Bugger waiting for this mystical COR process to happen, oh yeah that'll be the one that just leaves the grade field etc blank forever so no-one gets paid...