Innuendo??? Never!!

Has anyone else ever become disturbed/aroused by the innuendo involved in army life?

Grasping my handle firmly between your thumb and forefinger and pulling oooooh so smoothly to the rear. Obviously whilst riding a snatch...

Other examples?
A few glasses of wine and this poem can easily bring tears to my eyes:

Naming of the parts
Yes, I can see that you'd need quite a few glasses of wine.

I don't consider Volume 1 very good, but the following volumes are at least on a par with "Poems on the Underground."

Think I'll stick to Kipling. (You can't beat a good Kipple).
Well, sappers can handle all sorts of erections. A good bricklayer will try to avoid snots and will never put frogs under his bricks. A chippy forming a mortise relishes sliding the male into the female. The concretor is adept in the use of a vibrator. The Clk Wks will be looking for cracks. The plumber will do more pumping than a 70's porn star. The electrician has changed gender that many times that his favourite toy is his plug.

The list is endless.
"I say, that infantry corporal handles his privates remarkably well."

"Yes, it's a delight to watch a full section making a forced entry via the back passage."
Troopie to JNCO
Ah CPL >>>>>>> did'nt i go through you on my troop commanders course

Not while i had breath in my lungs sir.

cue one troopie going very red and slinking away quietly
Subbie Lt to moi,

PO the_matelot, have you seen my box anywhere?

Me: Is it a big box?

Her: No, it's quite a small one

Me: Ohhhh......

Her: Blushing and about turn quick bimble!

Simple things....
The para always looked forward to going to the Pirbright Ranges. He loved handling his weapon and shot loads whenever he was there.

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