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Innocent Heart Murmur

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Need a bit of advice, as I'm shitting it about being medically unfit because of an innocent heart murmur ! Iv read a few things about it but cannot find a definite answer , if anyone could give me a bit of confirmation as to whether this would make me unable to join would be much appreciated.iv given in my medical forms to my ACO yesterday, and wrote down about the murmur as I though its better to just get it out there as they will find it out in the end anyway. So yeah any advice would be great !!

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Plenty of people serving with heart murmurs. As you say, the doc should hear it anyway, so it's best to write it down.

I went from being medically excused sport at school because of a systolic murmur to being an Army and Combined Service marathon runner.
Good luck with the medical.



Your murmur will have to be investigated by a Consultant Cardiologist to establish the cause. If it is benign or does not require treatment, then you will probably be fit to join. However, if the cause is found to be valvular condition, then you would not be fit to join. Either way, you should definitely declare it to your Doctor and he should refer you for an opinion. Good Luck.


Hanks a lot lads, I'm booked in for an ECG, was wondering if it was cleared by the doctor I wouldn't have the inconvinience of being deferred on the day of selection. For example a letter declaring its innocent ?


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loads of stuff there to worry yourself about, I mean information to help you. or summat.
When I went to join in 1979 I was discovered to have a heart murmur. I was packed off to Wroughton RAF hospital and they found it to be a 'flow murmur', which is apparently a pretty minor problem. There are so many things that can cause a murmur from trivial to serious, there is no advice anyone can give except to get it checked and see what they say.

As an aside, a few years ago at a medical for my PULHEEMs, a young doctor was listening to my heart and his face dropped. I asked what the problem was and he told me "nothing, everything's fine". He went out, came back with another (older) doctor who listened for himself and again I asked what was wrong and again I was told "nothing, everything's fine". Well, they went over to a corner and spent a good couple of minutes with their backs to me, muttering very conspiratorially between themselves. I have to be honest, I was getting a little worried by now.

Eventually they turned round and the older one said something like "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but we have found a problem with your heart". I went into a sort of mild panic that would have done my heart no good what so ever and asked "what sort of problem". "A murmur" said he. "Oh" I said a little happier, "a systolic flow murmur of the left ventricle?" Well to say his face was a picture is understating it a little and he asked me how on earth I knew that, only to be more perplexed when I said they found that when I joined the army when I was 16 and that it was in my docs. Two paces to the desk, a quick glance in the little brown folder, the dirty looks were directed at the younger doctor rather than me from then on and I went on my merry way P2 FE, rather than to the nearest cardiac unit.

What this little story points out is that the standard of doctor out there, like any trade or profession, can vary and when it comes to medical matters, always get a second opinion. Oh yes, and make sure that the doctor actually looks in your docs before trying to be clever.

Good luck, I hope it turns out to be something trivial and doesn't affect you too much.

Derby 1992

I was deferred at selection for a heart murmer which I never knew I had. I got booked in at the closest hospital able to do all the scans 2 days later, and got a travel warrant a day later.

I went to the specialist, he took my blood pressure, then the 2 tests, one took a couple of minutes and the other a good 20 minutes.

I was found to have a heart murmer but also an 'innocent' one and I was told that it was because I was young, fit and healthy.

A month to the day I was sent back to ADSC and passed with a B grade, so you should be fine!


I have an innocent heart murmur and I passed my medical no problem. I've also had asthma too when I was younger and I still managed to pass. Nothing to worry about really.
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