Innocence of Muslims - Possible Oscar winner.... I think not.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. After all the fuss about this new film I had to have a look, **** me it's drastic. I lasted about a minute before I gave up, I'm sure the riots are more due to the acting and the awful script than any slur on Mohammed.

    'Innocence of Muslims' Trailer [HD] - Egypt Protest Film - YouTube

    If this film was about anything else at all, it would have died a death 5 minutes after they shot it and no-one anywhere would ever have heard about it, but because it's about Mohammed it's suddenly the best known film in the world.

    The cost of the damage done in 'protest' already is at least 100 times the entire film's budget, and at least 1000 times anything it's ever going to take at the box office.

    Nutters, the lot of them. Both everyone behind the film and all the lunatics kicking off about it.

  2. Jesus...might be up for some Rassies though.
  3. I haven't seen beards and shit acting like that since Team America.

    And that had a good sex scene in it.

    I've ripped the thing from YouTube to stick in briefings for a laugh.
  4. The shi-ite will really hit the fan tomorrow after the usual Friday Howling and Slapping Oneself is done.

    Apparently, this crap has been on YouTube since JUNE, yet the protests are only happening now. "Oi Ahmed, it's Sayeed. Check this out on YouTube before it's get pulled and you miss being offended"

    As bad as the ******* Fenians.
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  5. Made by Romney to feck up Obama's campaign?
  6. Hopefully it will spawn hundreds of other similarly offensive Mohammed films and books, once the place is awash with cartoons, videos, monty python types, books, perhaps the daft ***** will be a little less sensitive.
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  7. Well that has backfired. I saw an entire panel on FOX News Channel (including some big time NeoCons) tear Mitt a new one this morning for his statements and grandstanding.
  8. Alright then, made by Obama to bugger up Romney's campaign?
  9. I'm sure either of them could have afforded more than was spent on this drivel...
  10. Try again!

    Julian Assange has released a statement through Wikileaks claiming the attacks on US Embassies are a direct consequence of the US holding him hostage in the Ecuadorian Embassy. The man is clearly even more of a ******* nut job than any of us thought.
  11. So Assange did it?! Son of a bitch!
  12. most of the rioters will not have even seen the film. Its enough for an imam to say that the US has insulted Mohammed to get them baying like rabid mongs.
  13. It's dreadful. Apart from the bit where the old lady complains about Mohammed (pbuh)and he gets his revenge by tearing her apart with camels.

    Team America is in a class of its own, I wish they'd make a sequel of that.
  14. Bloody hell, I'll have some of whatever drugs he's on then.
  15. ^ Bolivian marching powder, I imagine.