"Innocence of Muslims" film outrage: why can't Mo & Allah defend themselves?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Radiance, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Well as you folks know this film caused outrage by Muslims worldwide:

    Innocence of Muslims - Muhammad Movie - FULL HD - YouTube

    I have to point out the elephant in the room: why can't Allah defend himself? Does a god really need upset men with AK-47s and suicide bombs to defend his honour?
  2. Because neither of them exist?

    Ones dead and the other one is a figment of an overheated imagination?
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  3. Don't worry, they'll soon find out that they've been very naughty when father christmas doesn't bring them any pressies.
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  4. And now anti-muslim posters are going up in New York subways. If the shoe was on the other foot and there were anti-semetic posters instead, I'm sure the US wouldn't allow it.

  5. I'll just leave this right here……


    DEUS VULT!!!!!
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  6. Well done. You are quite right to point out that the Crusaders in the 11th Century thought that God needed a little help in getting his message across to the infidel. Even the pope said it was OK to kill muslims. Fortunately we grew out of that mind set and we don't go on crusades these days. We might still go to war with you, but it won't be because you follow a different sky pixie than we do.

    Unfortunately though some muslims are still living in the 11th Century and will take offense if you bad mouth their "prophet". They don't have a sense of humour. Some people are too touchy if you ask me.
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  7. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    How will we recognise Mohammed? Draw us a picture of him...........
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  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    and the other, even bigger elephant in the room - the fact that for a 'religion of peace' some of the more rabidly faithful seem awfully fond of murdering people for what strikes me as very little provocation.
  9. Draw a picture? Hell no... here is a photo, take your pick...

  10. Shamelessly ripped from Michael Yon's FB feed

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  11. Is that the sound of a penny dropping?

    The reason there's this outrage across the Muslim world is that it's being deliberately agitated. The fools and illiterate morons on the streets burning their feet because they're stamping on flags in sandals are just pawns. The violence is being deliberately agitated to foment anti Western feeling. It's working too, because utter fuckwits like the tools that made this film don't see it. They don't see that they are being played like a banjo just as much as the average Jingly on the streets.

    They feed on the intolerance and Stone Age ignorance of your average peon on the streets of Islamabad etc.
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  12. The irony is that if the Moslem world had ignored it or reacted with bored indifference, the video wouldn't garner millions of views. Guru's post notwithstanding.

    Who remembers 'Jerry Springer, the musical' now?
  13. I wonder if the idiots making these films are quite aware of the reaction that might/probably will follow. It could be what they want, as they seem to be as religously fundamental as any (just on the other side) so I wonder if the idea is to stoke up a war dvided along religous lines.

    It is God's will, battle of good vs. evil, Armageddon etc, the Crusade mentality which they are still locked into and itching for a rumble. It is the 21st century but in this respect they seem not to have moved on one inch.

    It is all bollocks and won't suceed of course so there they have misjudged.
  14. If you were the rich bloated dictator of a 3rd world country who feared civil unrest against you then why not pay a mob to riot against another country?
    If that country/ countries have been conditioned into thinking that anything that a 3rd world country says is right, and anything a developed country does is wrong, has been made to feel guilty over a colonial past then you are on to a winner.

    Equaly if you are a little know tele-evangelist with a tiny church and tiny population what better than to liaise with a group of people from a minority religion who have sufferred sectarian persecution in their main country and have an axe to grind over the religion of their "oppressors".
  15. A moral dilema.........

    Would burning copies of said film be insulting to Islam?