innit blud

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by callum13, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Wat da funk is all dat text along da page, bumbaclut?
    I have truble as it is reding, i as a edake now.

  2. I really wish i hadnt just watched that.Im angry.
  3. This should sort out the rapscallions. Brap
  4. Is cos they is gangstaaaaaaaas innit!

    Why do people care about gangs, let them shoot each other, the dumb little tw@ts can't cause trouble when dead.
  5. A perfect use for a SF role GPMG if I ever saw one.
  6. National Service would help them with that. :D
  7. Quite genuinely, I can not understand a word of ANY of that.
  8. because i see them every day.the local shop,the tube station,the park etc etc.
  9. People always bring up National Service and without getting into to much of a debate would you want to serve alongside one of those idiots?

    We need to adopt some of the principles outlined here by Sherriff Joe, hes got the right idea:
  11. no im bloody well not.i just live in a most areas in london nowadays.
  12. I am now accepting volunteers for an organised driveby shooting, in Warriors.