Inner calves

Have done a search but can't find an answer to my question. I have been running for about 6 weeks now and have seen a massive improvement in my times already, but for several days after a run the insides of my calves feel quite sore.

I am hoping it is just the muscles building up and strengthening, however the area between the ankle and the beginning of the calf muscle is tender all the time now. I run 3 times a week and vary the surfaces between road, beach and grass. I purchased decent trainers from a running shop after they analysed my gait and recommended Reebok Premier Running shoes for over-pronation.
SpottyDog said:
Its the inside of the leg. I only increase the mileage in 5% increments.
Do you warm down throughly afterwards? Increase you interval between runs and consider cycing or swimming in between, particularly swimming which has a habit of developing very close, organised muscle fibres (note that swimming makes you point your feet and stretch out your lower legs). If you have a particular gripe with a muscle consider ice-packing as soon as you get back and a very hot shower or bath in the evening.

edited to add: You say you've been running for six weeks; are you a little *ahem* heavy at the mo? :wink: If so bear in mind that running is not the healthiest way to lose weight. It's excellent for keeping weight off once you are fitter, but running hard early on can be destructive. Try long walks or short spells of interval running instead of nailing the miles.
I have the same thing when running, not unbearable and its better while running than it is walking. Someone suggested shin splints to me but im not sure. Your legs are not used to it and will addapt in time people here tell me.
Problem hopefully solved. A colleague recommended a goods sports physio, got a cancellation appointment yesterday evening. Turns out I have a bio-mechanical problem in my back, had the squished up joints separated and nearly ended up on the ceiling. It turns out I have learnt to compensate for this over some time, I just need to stretch it out and strengthen my lower back.
Nice one, but still bare in mind my post above, especially for the first few weeks.

I tried something new last night. Ran 6 miles to the local swimming pool, and then did 1km breastroke and front crawl; then ran back. breastroke to start with hurts the inside thighs a bit, but after a couple of lengths it's like the ultimate warm down exercise. Running back was so much easier than the usual return leg and I'm not stiff at all. Will definately include that combination again.
Good luck with your training
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