Inmates over-charged for cell TVs at HMP Liverpool

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dangerousdave, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. What a sodding joke - is someone having a laugh or what? Jail should be just that (hardship), not a fcuking holiday camp with TV and Sky, and an Xbox! :x :x

    A Merseyside prison has repaid nearly £10,000 to inmates who were over-charged for watching their televisions, the Ministry of Justice has said.

    HMP Liverpool was charging rental of £1 per head per week instead of per cell, meaning those who shared were being forced to pay extra.

    About 1,400 inmates, eligible for the shared cell discount, have been paid a total of £9,580 between them.

    The Prison Service blamed it on an "administrative error".

    Ministry of Justice officials said the error was isolated to the Merseyside jail and an inmate, Darren Seago, had written to a national monthly newspaper for prisoners - Inside Time - to complain about the charges.
  2. And they wonder why rates of re-offending are so high? Fcuking pathetic.

    Brown, the country's short of money so here's an idea: strip ALL luxuries from every HMP. And by luxury I mean anything that is not required to sustain life. Every tv, pc, radio. Every bit of gym kit. Then flog the whole lot to the public.
  3. You go to prison as a punishment, not to be punished. You get paid in prison in the army, but not in civvy jail
  4. So how do they pay for the TVs?? IOUs to be paid when they get out??
  5. I'd rather go to civvy nick than Military. My brother made a fortune in prison and learnt many tricks of the trade while inside. Little ba$£ard is also a lot more clued up on his past mistakes as well.

    Prison should be part of the punishment, not a cosy few months until release.
  6. People on the outside can send money into the prisoners which then gets kept in an account. Which is why you will never see the 'big time' gangsters eating the food the other prisoners get, the money can be used to buy all sorts of luxuries aswell
  7. You don't get paid at all when you're suspended under sentence. Civvy jail they can ear money by working in many of the 'prison industries' and other areas such as kitchens and laundry.

    I wish they'd let a load of old Provost Sergeants and bast@rd Regimental Police run a civvy nick for a while the way regimental nicks used to get run!
  8. Do these inmates pay for a TV licence? If not, and they refuse to pay, do they get a fine or a custodial sentence?
  9. £1 a week, have you been in hospital lately, I was paying more than that a day
  10. Not only TV but are able to smoke in government buildings.
  11. They'd all be stabbed to death in under a week - as they'd be dealing with "proper" nasty people, not just squaddies who'd been caught nicking from the vendors.
  12. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Arm the Monkeys and let them shoot any of the "nasty people" who try it on; not only would the prison run more efficiently but you would'nt have many problems with over-crowding... :twisted:
  13. See, this is Werewolf all over - weeps like a girl if you pretend to be nasty to fwuffy puppies, but is always at the front of the queue when the "I can think of better punishments than you" gang roll in to town.

    Do you honestly think a jail full of proper crims would run in fear from a ruddy faced bullying alchoholic, and several fat downgraded lance jacks?... I think not.

    It's all that wandering around supermarket car parks ... it gives a bloke too much time to think
  14. Fixed it for you. No need to thank me. :twisted:
  15. Yeah, I know it will never happen. But a chap can dream... :D