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INLA resurgent

If it isn't one bunch then it's another.


HarryPalmer said:
Jimmy_Kranke said:
Did you say he had a sense of humour?

Only if you consider a fetish for cutting off people's fingers as funny.......

That'll be a NO then! .........TAXI..


War Hero
Dessie O'Hare's found Jesus now....

'Border Fox' O'Hare finds God in a gospel hall
By Alan Murray
Sunday February 24 2008

Notorious republican terrorist Dessie O'Hare is reported to have become a 'born-again Christian'

The man who severed a Dublin dentist's finger with a hammer and chisel when his ransom demands weren't met is reported to be attending gospel hall meetings in south Armagh and in Co Louth.

Reliable sources have confirmed that the former INLA terrorist, who was dubbed the 'Border Fox', has attended services run by a small Protestant congregation in South Armagh in recent weeks and has professed that he has been 'saved'.

The presence of O'Hare at one religious gathering last week is understood to have caused unease within the tightly knit gospel congregation but it's understood that the leaders of the religious community are prepared to allow the one-time INLA leader to continue to worship with them.

It's understood that O'Hare has also been worshipping with another Protestant religious group in Dundalk, Co Louth, in recent weeks.

No one connected with the South Armagh religious group was prepared to speak about O'Hare's presence at their meeting last week but one Church source in the area, who didn't want to be identified, said: "My understanding is that Mr O'Hare has become a Christian believer and has attended religious services recently."

But victims' relatives who are aware of O'Hare's visit to the south Armagh gospel hall are unhappy that he is attending Protestant services in the area.

One man whose close relative was shot dead by republicans said: "I have been told that O'Hare attended a prayer meeting in this area recently and it has caused upset among victims around the Keady, Markethill, Newtownhamilton triangle that he is coming around Protestant churches given what the INLA did at Darkley" -- a reference to the terrorist massacre at a remote Protestant community
Divide and conquer. Splinter them, let them pick off each other in their little family feuds then finish off the rest of them.

Now why does the 'Irish National Liberation Army' still go under that name if they're only bothered about gobbling as much of the local drugs 'trade' as possible?'s a cynical ploy by them to operate under the pretence of fighting for liberation when all they can do is deal drugs and some racketeering/extortion. Not to mention knee cappings, beatings, executions, intimidation and other actions that would make a S&M aficionado climax.


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msr said:
Gardai recently warned one of the country's biggest drug dealers, 'Fat' Freddie Thompson, that the INLA had taken out a contract on his life and even intercepted a rifle to be used in the killing.

Rather than arrest him for drug dealing?


Actually they nicked him last week. Caught in the act apparently.


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HarryPalmer said:
Men due in court after foiled kidnapping
BARRY ROCHE, Southern Correspondent

Mon, Feb 25, 2008

FIVE MEN are due to appear at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin today after gardaí foiled what they believe was a planned kidnapping of a businessman in Cork by members of the Irish National Liberation Army .

The five were among seven arrested in Cork city, Kerry and Limerick late on Friday night after gardaí acted to prevent the gang taking the Cork businessman and his family hostage in a bid to extort money from him.

The other two men were released last night without charge and a file is to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

It is understood the gang had planned a similar type of raid on the businessman's home in Montenotte several months ago but aborted the operation at the last moment and put the plan on hold after the man went abroad on holiday. However, acting on intelligence received, gardaí maintained surveillance on the gang.

When they again attempted to take the man hostage on Friday night, gardaí moved in quickly and arrested four men in Montenotte.

Members of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and armed local detectives from the crime and security branch in Cork arrested two men from Dublin in their 30s close to the man's home in Lover's Walk at about 8pm.

At about the same time, two other members of the gang waiting in a car on the Old Youghal Road were arrested.

One individual is in his mid-50s and from Cork, while the other man is aged 45 and from Strabane, Co Tyrone.

It is understood gardaí recovered a number of firearms, believed to be handguns, as well as other items including ties and tape.

In a follow-up operation later on Friday night, members of the ERU, backed up by local detectives in Co Kerry, arrested two men in their mid-40s from Douglas in Cork city, who were staying at a holiday home west of Dingle.

Also late on Friday night, another man, in his 50s and from Dublin, was arrested by gardaí when they raided a hotel on the outskirts of Limerick city where it is believed he was awaiting news of the planned abduction.

All seven were arrested under section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act which allows gardaí to hold suspects for two initial periods of 24 hours and then a further 24 hours on application to the District Court, allowing extended detention for up to 72 hours.

The two Dublin men in their 30s arrested near the man's house were taken to the Bridewell station in Cork for questioning, while the Cork man and Tyrone man arrested on Old Youghal Road were taken to Mayfield Garda station.

One of the two Cork men who was arrested in west Kerry was taken to Gurranebraher station in Cork for questioning, while the second was taken to Togher Garda station. It is understood that those two are related.

The Dublin man arrested in Limerick was taken initially to Henry Street station in Limerick but was moved under tight security on Saturday to Gurranebraher station, where officers continued questioning him.

Gardaí cordoned off the area around Lover's Walk where the two Dublin men were arrested and Garda technical experts carried out a forensic examination.

Gardaí also removed two cars from Lover's Walk and Old Youghal Road to Togher station for a technical examination.

The arrests at the weekend follow a prolonged investigation and involved up to 40 gardaí.

© 2008 The Irish Times

That must be a quarter of their establishment gone.


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Just who are they going to liberate and who is the oppressor?


Notorious republican terrorist Dessie O'Hare is reported to have become a 'born-again Christian'
Will he be excommunicated or would being a former Marxist mean the Jesuits have him on their list already?

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