Hi don't know if this is in the right place so sorry if it needs to be moved, just need a bit of advice.

I joined the army in 88 a month after i left school, everthing went fine untill 92 when i had an accident injuring my knee on Sailsbury plain. after investigation they said i had snapped my cruciate ligament (ACL), I had my knee rebuilt and a carbon fibre implant put in, I was then discharged in 94. Skip forward 11 years having problems again, when the civvy surgeon opened my knee up, he gave me a bit of bad news. I hadn't needed the original reconstruction in the first place which had been done wrong by the way (according to him). he has advised me to seek legal representation, so the advice I'm looking for is what would your next step be?

Sorry its a bit long winded
you should see a solicitor, i don't think this is the place to give advice on so little information. If MOD has messed up your life through malpractice, then definitely get legal advice not us barrack room lawyers

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