Injury - What to do

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by signmeup, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. This may be the wrong forum so if it is I apologise.

    I've recently knackered my foot, to the point where I can stand on it but if I walk more than 4 paces I get a shooting pain up my leg starting just below the ankle. It's bearable but painful none-the-less. Sitting down and moving my ankle causes no pain what-so-ever, just walking.

    The problem is that I've recently (Wednesday) put my Medical Report in to my doctor to be signed and handed over to the Military doctors, i'm just wondering;

    If I went to the Doctors now about my foot.. how would the army doctors perceive it?

    About 3 years ago, I went to the Doctors about the same ankle as it was playing up.. but it's been fine since. They gave me a months prescription of painkillers I believe and that was that.
  2. your fuced mate,as i have done my calf muscle injury and i start basic in feb too. best of advice
    try Resting for couple of days and see how it goes
  3. Ok its obvious that you done something major to it since you can only walk 4 paces, so the obvious thing to do would be to get down your GP. Let them have a look at it and ask about getting a physio appointment if the GP isnt happy with it. Never take an injury lightly. Its all fine and well seeking advice on here, but your in major pain, get to the GP as only they can look at it.
  4. Mate just go to the walk in centre at a hospital, then youcan get it fixed. Your GP wont find out to put it down on your Med Docs
  5. Yeh i'll second that, although if it turns out to be something serious they will find out sooner or later
  6. I have also indjured my foot and the day after a run its not so much painfull just a little sore but i took a week of running and it cleared up or so i thought until i went running again and the pain was back have been to the doctor and he says nothing for it but rest and painkillers I am unfit as it is and am struggling to enter army with a best run time of 12.50 i know its bad i feel this latest drama in my persuit of the army is a sign i wont make it but i want it more than anything i can think of.
  7. I've got a good idea.

    Hurt yourself running and then, instead of getting it sorted properly, ask some bozo on the t'internet for advise, hide it from the professionals if possible and then attempt arduous physical training....

    end up kicked off phase 1 by week 7 and out of the Army and/or fcuked for life.


    How about you go to your GP, get your ailments seen to, and if it requires some sort of modification to your entry date you man it up and accept it.
  8. First off mate, can the running for a bit.

    Then when the doc says you are better, or you have given it a few weeks (even a month) to heal, try another run.

    Are there any running clubs or fitness clubs in your area? Any TA or Reg units? Or can your ACIO help? Even a hashing club could help you get your time down.

    School PE teacher?

    If you are hurting yourself try buying a new pair of trainers, froma shop that really knows its stuff. Some shops now have cameras and a treadmill to help them decide which sort of trainer you want.

    Failing that, I recommend the PT-03.

    Important thing though, don't rush back to training. Just do trunk and upper body for now.

    Search on the health and fitness forum for more tips on running.
  9. Stop! Whatever you do DO NOT seek medical advice. In such circumastances the best way forward is to come onto ARRSE and ask all the anonymous, uber qualified doctors on here (chefs, drivers, clerks etc.) what their diagnostics are and take it from there. I suggest amputation.