Injury Reporting Question


I have a sneaky feeling the forms this unit is using for taking down details of injuries sustained during Exercise etc is, er, well out of date.

We're using MOD Form 298 (r 4/86) which refers to Casualty Proc 1981.

I've had a scan of JSP 751, which I gather is only for SI/VSI/KIA etc and states something like that incidents that don't involve hospitalisation for over 24 hours don't need reporting to the JCCC.

So I looked at Reporting work related injury and accidents on the DI and then Report an accident or injury in the Army Sector and have come up with MOD F150 - Accident Report Form, which needs sending to the ANIC? Is this the correct form? Or is that the form for "I've strained my back picking up some paperclips" ?

Any help much appreciated before this bites us at some point

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