Injury Replays

Should they show replays of injuries?

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Am I the only one who does not like to watch replays of people injurying themselves, sometimes badly, during sporting events?

I'm not squeamish except for this. I've picked up enough injuries during sport some more serious than others not to be happy to watch someone injury themselves.

Seeing it happen once in real time is bad enough but to have it shown over and over again from different angles and in slow-mo just takes the mick.

I've seen a couple this week and I think the worst was Ed Joyce during the England Sri Lanka 20-20 match. The fact that there were two impacts and he went down in obvious amounts of great pain were a bit much. And further back is the Washington Redskin quarter back Joe Theisman greenstick fracture. Not sure if the link is the best as I'm not about to watch the whole thing.

Its bad enough showing replays on TV but they've started putting them on the big screens at venues as well. Not consideration for family and friends that are watching. I mean it could be a life/career threatening injury FFS.

Should there be a ban on showing injury replays? I mean they've stopped showing streakers.
Having just watched an Italian player elbowing the USA's Brian McBride in the face for the eighth time, I see what you mean. It's a bit gratuitous to show it repeatedly. Then a US player was sent off for a bad tackle - this was shown a few times.

I'll be back to edit this message after the programme with an update.

The final score was:

Deliberate elbow in the face, 12
Scything two-footed lunge, 7

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