Injury on R&R

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EnglandsPride, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. What happens if a soldier get injured whilst on R&r? :s
  2. Is this a Joke?
  3. No. Does he go to an NHS hospital or do the Army sort him out or what?
  4. What kind of injury? Has he been to A&E or seen a GP?
  5. It's just a query. I was just wondering what would happend, say if a soldier came back then broke his wrist or something.
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Der he'd go to A&E and have it x-ray'd and plastered then he'd go back to work and get bollocked by the badge and crated by his mates.
  7. Happened to us in Kosovo 2000. Lad broke his leg on RnR. Cue much laughter and crates once we got back.

  8. Sounds about right. Is your "friend" planning this or has it already happened?
  9. Not R and R but I remember a soldier that took his motorbike to Jersey in the summer of ´76 and had an accident resulting in living in a tent for a month,regularly sending sicknotes to sunny Hohne and generally getting p*ssed everyday(18p a pint!!!).

    On returning to camp an old schoolmate turned Sqn clerk actually posted him AWOL after talking to him and asking how the holiday had gone,a few months later he reads that there´s a BoI being held the next day in his name...................the Army always gets its revenge.

    Guess who the soldier was :oops: :oops:
  10. Cheers. No, noone's been injured on R&R, i was just asking what happens when/if they do :p I just think that sometimes they stop a soldiers tour for the slightest of things :s

    Midnight - Bet it was worth it though ;)
  11. Oh YES!!The funny thing was I actually had a motorbike accident the day after I went to the hospital to get a sick-note!
    Only a few scratches but If I´d skidded a split second before I wouldn´t be writing this now.
  12. Doesnt sound like the OP is looking at not returning to finish his tour after R&R at all! Such an easy injury to get is the fractured wrist or the FOOSH (Fallen Over Out Stretched Hand) in the shower of the broken scaphoid.

    Englandspride, is your 'friends' R&R early on in the tour?
  13. They wont cancel your tour for a fractured wrist. It's noone! i was asked the other week what would happen if you were injured whilst on R&R and i didn't have a clue, then when i asked a few of the guys at the coy they all said different things. Soooo i thought i'd ask on here because when i post something on here if you ignore the shit comments there is always someone that answers the question.
  14. TA or reg rules ?
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  15. R&R instructions used to include detailed info on what to do in the event of illness and injury during leave. I can't believe they don't still include such details. Why are you worrying about it?