Injury during basic training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nubstylahrim, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. Ok, I have a slight injury on my leg nothing major, I have been told 14/16 days to heal properly and i have my date 1st of may, what happens if the injury comes back during training? will i get medically discharged, and what happens if i do? do i get to stay at catterick or will i be sent home? :| cheers guys!
  2. Anybody? lol
  3. Nubsty,

    It depends on how severe the injury is. If you are likely to recover within a week or two, then they would put you in a holding/rehab platoon and, once recovered, feed you back into training. Depending on how far in to your training, this might mean you are backsquadded. However, if the injury is severe, then you may very well be MD'd with or without the possibility of re-joining at a later date, depending on the injury.
  4. Thanks dude! thats made me feel allot more positive, hopefully the injury will go and stay gone anyways but thanks for the information :D
  5. If you go to ITC carrying an injury you have a very good chance of ruining your career, I would really think hard about discussing this with your own Recruiter and seeing if its worth asking them if they can change your start date. If the injury takes three weeks to heel it MAY not be heeled enough for the gruelling PT and physically activities you will be doing.

    Taking an injury into training with you will be severly frowned upon and you may not pass the initial medical then could have to do the whole process again after you have proved the injury has gone away......THIS is not the same as getting injured during training where you may get back squadded and go into a holding Platoon.

    It all depends how bad the injury is now and if its heeled 100% by the start of training but if not completely heeled then I would ask the question if you can get a later start date and if you had a good A or B grade at ADSC may find they load you instantly for a later date...if only a C or d grade then you may have to go back in the awaiting allocations pot....but this is still better than getting Med discharged after week 2
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply! thats answerd everything i wanted to know, i will get checked up closer to the time before i go for training to see if im fully recoverd or not then, i really wouldnt want to go through all the process again haha! thanks allot dude