injury - downgraded - med discharge

I had an injury whilst on duty resulting in several issues making it hard for me to work.

Been to headley and will be returning to the ward again.

SMO is getting me on a neuro rehab with the nhs and i have been downgraded for 6 months and another six months just through. (P 7)

Docs spoken about a discharge (medical).

What benefits do normally come with this?

Pension (based upon what), lump sum? Resettlement?

Id like to know so that I at leas have a bit of peace in me!
hi, like yourself ive been on sick leave for the last 10 months due to a severe illness. during that process ive had a Med Board which resulted in me being downgraded to P(0). i have another Med Board on Thursday and i shall let you know the outcome of what you are entitled to as the MAOC 5 Div will be there with me to advise on what you are entitled to.

You are given a resettlement package and also your pension for time served. ( ive done 19 years adult with the rank of SSgt).

I shall update you with the full info after my Med Board
Wow, I'll be rich then lol

I'm 34 just under three years service (MPGS) and 6 years previous service RAOC and RLC and am a pte in this glorious job, so it's not linked to what you could have earned if you were able to stay in for example - and thanks for the answer!
im an ex soldier who before i joined used to work in what was then called the war pensions department now (Vetrans Agency) at Norcross which is near Blackpool. Things may have changed but if you were medically discharged then the correct forms should be sent to you automaticly to make a claim for a war pensions, or you can contact Norcross direct and they will send out the forms (they have a website). Basicly you can claim for any condition you have picked up which is attributable to military service, they will study your FMED4 (if its still called that) and get any med centre or hospital notes there may be, it then goes to there own doctors who will 90 percent of the time request you have a medical. This will be at home or near home and is usually carried out by a retired GP whos doing it for a bit of extra cash. He makes a report out sends it to Norcross and they then give you a percentage disability. If your classed over 20 percent disabled you get a pension for life, if your classed under 20 percent disabled you get a lump sum it usually takes at least 7 months from start to finish, i was awarded about 5k about 10 years ago for being classed 12 percent disabled for my knees and ankles, there are quirky rules for whats attributable and what not, to military service, breaking you leg on a sports afternoon is but playing football after work in your own time isnt, crashing your car driving home on leave isnt, but driving back after leave is, (the theory is that nobody makes you go home for leave but once your home its because of your military job that you have to drive back) things may have changed since i went through this system , get in touch with Norcross there all civies and they treat you like a customer, they will give you all the info.
Thanks for the info!!!

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