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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by brettyboy69, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. alright lads

    Just a quick question know if you get injured during basic and get deffered and sent home, depending on the injury you are allowed to go back in to basic once your healed yeah? And during your time at home recovering are you still getting paid by the army, as if you were still in basic?

    Sorry if it seems a pointless question.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.

  2. Haha you trying to work a scam before basic starts hahaha lol
    nah m8 you aint allowed to leave the army hospital until ure fixed or they just sign you off, contract in the bin lol.
  3. Brett, that was a really bizarre question. Are you injured or expecting to be injured during training?

    Kami, what are you on about? Have you any connection to the Army at all?
  4. This must be one of those threads where people say WAH !!! Surley :D

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  5. Looks like someone wants to fit in with the cool kids :roll:
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  7. and yes my m8 is injured at the mo and i remember someone injured last time they wernt allowed to go home and if its during training they get sent to the williams platoon in ITC Catterick dunno what other ATR etc call theres and i am right you aint allowed to leave unless your fixed :!:
  8. you have answered my question...basicly iv got catterick in 25 days, im worried that if i get injured i will get sent home. so im pleased people have said you stay there untill you have recovered. after the months of waiting to get to this stage and the months of hard work the last thing i would want would be sent home.

    thanks guys

    p.s no i wasnt trying to thing of a scam lol.
  9. I was trying to be funny about that haha :wink: just some people on here take things far to serious if you know what i mean :!:
  10. Firstly glasgowchump and kami are one and the same throbber, so please ignore.

    More Importantly if you receive an injury during training there are several things that could happen. You could carry on, but on light duties, with your platoon/troop. you may get sent home on sick leave, you could get sent to the rehab platoon and then go back into training with a different platoon. You may get discharged. It all depends on the injury, but I feel you are getting a little ahead of yourself there. You could even end up with a combination of several of the options.

    Even if discharged for an injury it is possible (in some cases) to reapply and start all over again.
  11. thank you very much 'theoriginalphantom'

    much appreciated