Injury Advise

Hi, im new to this so just getting to grips.

I have injured my ankle 3 times in the past 5 months as i hadn't let it heal properly (from running). Went to A&E the 3rd time and i haven't broken or fractured anything. They said it's probably just a torn ligament and to rest for awhile. i did sort of, its been nearly 2 months now and in that time i have been cycling and swimming as i had no pain in my ankle and it was getting better. I am now getting back in to running and have been doing 1.5 mile runs mon-wed-friday. so just easing myself back into it. I'm in the process of joining the Army (Parachute Regiment) so need to keep my fitness up.

Can anyone give me any advise on what you think might help my situation??
I have been waiting nearly 4 months to hear about my medical form as my GP messed them up the first time. so its good in away but very frustrating.

Thanks in advance.

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