Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by 22YEARCROW, Jun 8, 2003.

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  1. Hi All
    Does anyone know how injuries sustained whilst serving in the forces are looked into or taken into account when you come to be discharged? The reason i ask is in todays day and age everyone says "sue", but im happy with the life i've had in the military and so dont want to go down this road. but on the other hand in years to come my injuries will be much worse with age, So really all im after is any guidence from people in the know or people who have perhaps themselfs been injured, and could enlighten me in the way this is taken care of by the relevent body. Thank you in advance.
  2. 22YEARCROW,

    You can claim a "War pension" when you get out for any injuires caused by the military. So it could be worth getting a copy of your med docs. I think the RAO has all the details on it!
  3. Ensure all your injuries are on your medical docs then when you go for your discharge medical they will discuss with you whether you are eligible for any injuries received.

    Good luck !
  4. When you come out join the Royal British Legion, they will help you all the way. I am the Secretary of the Wimbledon Branch if you want to join.
  5. Under the new AFCS, Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, you do not need to sue. You may be given a Compensation award and continue to serve. Ask your RAO for details.
  6. Does this include those in our twilight years, or do we not count??