Injuries prior to RCB

I have a friend.....

Having passed her Medical at RCB briefing an old injury has re-surfaced.
Whilst still capable of running jumping, climbing ropes etc, it transpires she will need surgery.

Her dilemna is whether to get surgery after mainboard thus risking worsening the injury. Or to get surgery beforehand and Highlight the suspect nature of her knees making acceptance to RMAS more complicated. The injury is a bucket-handle tear, something She tells me is a common injury during Sandhurst anyway. Her health is otherwise good.

Any help would be appreciated, she is understandably anxious.

Cheers Pillager

Your friend needs to tell someone NOW!!!!! If she tries to Blag it before getting to RMAS and then decides to come clean she might just as well sign her own discharge papers

I Know because I have had the joys of RMAS. One of the key factors students are assessed for when being trained to be "Leaders of men" is their Integrity and Honesty

Imagine if your friend comes clean at Sandhurst and they find out? What do you think they will think of her Honesty and Integrity then? Once you cast even a shadow of a doubt about someones honesty and integrity as an officer its game over!!

My advice : Your friend needs to come clean now if she needs surgery there is a good reason for her needing surgery and frankly if she wants to goto RMAS she should be intelligent enough to have considered this fact!

If your friend wants to be an officer she needs to display Intelligence, honesty and intergrity and inform her DSO at the AFCO that she needs to undergo surgery. She has passed RCB already RMAS will always be there! She has passed the first major hurdle tell her not to mess it up by not displaying the attributes that are required to be an officer! They can not be learn't and if she can't display them now I would advise her not to bother turning up at the RMAS.

I apologise if this is not what she wants to hear but I would advise your frined to spend a few more months in rehab and attend when she is medically fit then for her to attend the RMAS and have someone call into account her suitabilty to be an officer!!!!

Hope this helps


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